FOSS4G 2011 Follow up survey

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This page contains a draft follow up survey for FOSS4G 2011, which will be sent out to conference attendees on Tuesday or Wednesday, Sep 20 or 21. The main aim of this survey is to provide information to help us plan future FOSS4G events and OSGeo activities. We want to maintain a reasonable balance between obtaining a good amount of useful information, while not taking too much of people's time and making sure it is easy to fill out so we get a good number of responses. 

Please feel free to edit / add ideas / make suggestions. But the FOSS4G Chair reserves the right to make edits to come up with the final version :).

Please fill out this survey to help us plan future FOSS4G events and continue to make them even better!

About you

How many FOSS4G conferences have you attended, including this one? (Answer range: 1-6)

How heavily do you currently use geospatial open source? (from 1 not at all to 5 a great deal)

What is your primary job function:

- Software developer

- Geospatial software end user

- Manager

- Other

(Should we have additional / different categories here?)

What country are you from?

Other items?

About FOSS4G 2011

How do you rate FOSS4G 2011 overall? (1-5 where 1 is poor, 5 excellent)

General comments on the conference (free text)

How do you rate the following aspects (1-5 plus comments)

- Venue (rooms, layout, etc)

- Food

- Network access

- Opening reception at Wynkoop Brewery

- Exhibitor Reception

- Big Party at the Denver Art Museum

- Social faciliites in general

How did you rate the quality of the workshops overall (if applicable)? 1-5 plus comments

- Ideally would like ability to easily specify which workshops attended and 1-5 plus comments for each, not sure best way to do that. At least allow free text, maybe something better

How was the quality of presentations during the main conference? (1-5 plus comments)

Future FOSS4Gs

How likely are you to attend the next FOSS4G in Beijing (From 1 definitely not to 5 very likely)

If we held a "local FOSS4G" event in North America next year, how likely would you be to attend (from 1 definitely not to 5 very likely)

Currently FOSS4G is focused on one global conference with a three year rotation between Europe, North America, and "Rest of the World", with some local / regional events that are independently organized.

Please rank each of the following options from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent):

- One global conference on a three year rotation (as now) - One global conference on a two year rotation between North America and Europe, with additional events in other parts of the world more focused on outreach - A global conference on a three year rotation as now, plus a regional conference in North America (which would be the global event every 3 years, and in other years would be timed to not clash with the global event) - plus potentially other regional events on a similar basis

Comments, or other suggestions (free text)