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NOTE: These are all concepts... the final idea may be reworked by a real graphic designer!

Please add your comments here!

Personally I like the idea of something that is similar to the Sydney and Cape Town logos, which incorporate the ribbon as a more central theme, and depict the Rocky Mountains across the top. You can see these logos [here]. The GITA design is along these lines, but personally I'd like to see a few more options on that idea, perhaps from Steve's designer to get some variety.

OSgeo Ribbon

OSgeo Ribbon
OSgeo Ribbon.

Note: The final logos must have the OSgeo Ribbon integrated

Original Files

Concept1 (opens in Google Docs)

Concept2 (opens in Google Docs)

Ribbon Concept 3 (opens in Google Docs)

SteveC's ideas: File:SteveC-Logo.pdf