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During the FOSS4G2013 conference in Nottingham, UK, there will be sessions help in the GeoCamp for people to hold Birds-of-a-Feather sessions.

Birds-Of-A-Feather sessions are unstructured timeslots where people can self organise themselves to discuss topics of interest.

Organising Contact

Timeslots Available

We'll update this page soon with details of the sessions slots available.

BOF organization

If you would like to suggest a Birds-of-a-Feather session, follow these guidelines:

  • create a section below for your BOF
  • have people edit this page to indicate they will be attending
  • you must provide a contact person who can manage the meeting
  • also make your description as clear as possible, for many attendees it will be the only thing they read before choosing one

BOF sessions

OSGeo Local Chapter meetup

  • We'll have a table / space for each local chapter
  • Existing members can hang out, and new people can find out about their local chapter
  • Consider bringing something local to decorate your space - a small table-top flag, cloth or just leaflets describing your chapter
  • Contact Ian Edwards to take part

Who is coming:

  • OSGeo UK!
  • <add your name and chapter here>

See [[1]] for inspiration!