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During the FOSS4G2013 conference in Nottingham, UK, there will be a number of spaces for people to hold Birds of a Feather sessions.

Birds of a Feather sessions are unstructured timeslots where people can self organise themselves to discuss topics of interest.

Organising Contact

Timeslots Available

We'll update this page soon with details of the sessions slots available.

BOF sessions

Early Birds

  • When - Sunday 15th September, 21:00 in Orchard Hotel Bar

A chance to meet up preconference for those of us who are arriving extra early.

Who is coming:

Education and ICA-OSGeo Labs meeting

The aim is to update latest developments in the education efforts and progress update on the ICA-OSGeo Labs network and update members on future plans

  • When - Friday 20th September at 09:00 -10:00 in the GeoCamp Marquee

Specific topics:

  • Welcome and overview -Suchith
  • ICC 2013 update- Suchith
  • "Open Geospatial Science & Applications Webinar Series" plans - All
  • GeoMOOC ideas - Phillip Davis
  • Curriculum discussion - All
  • ELOGeo update - Suchith, Jeremy
  • Setting up an Advisory Board - All
  • Website update - All
  • NASA Europa Challenge - Maria
  • Responsibilities (moving forward (subcommittee chairs))
  • COST Action - Maria
  • Updates on bid opportunities focusing on H2020 -All
  • Updates on relevant training opportunities -All
  • AOB
  • Next telemeeting date

Who is coming:


COST Action meeting

The aim is to discuss about next COST Action proposal "Smart environmental applications using free and open data and technologies"

  • When - Friday 20th September at 10:00 -11:00 in the GeoCamp Marquee

Who is coming:

  • Maria Antonia Brovelli, Politecnico di Milano
  • Marco Minghini, Politecnico di Milano
  • Peter Baumann, Jacobs University
  • Barend Köbben, ITC - University Twente (when not busy on LOC duties...)
  • Massimiliano Cannata, University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI)
  • Lluís Vicens, SIGTE - University of Girona
  • Phil James, Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Newcastle University, UK

OSGeo Local Chapter meetup

  • When - Saturday 21st September, Breakfast meeting: 08:00 - 09:00 in Restaurant of Rutland Hall
  • We'll have a table / space for each local chapter
  • Existing members can hang out, and new people can find out about their local chapter, while having breakfast...
  • Consider bringing something local to decorate your space - a small table-top flag, cloth or just leaflets describing your chapter
  • Contact Ian Edwards or update your chapter details below to take part

Who is coming:

Note: The OSGeo AGM is taking place on Friday evening from 6pm-7pm, see:

Sensor Web BOF

Time Slot: Sometime during Friday


  • Sensor Web is gaining more and more relevance in many SDI frameworks as well as in the INSPIRE context
  • Discuss on-going implementation activities
  • Exchange on practical experiences how to bring sensor and observation data into SDIs
  • What are new, upcoming challenges?

Who is coming:

  • Simon Jirka (52°North)
  • Paul van Genuchten (Geocat)
  • Peter Baumann (rasdaman), if ever possible
  • Brent Wood (NIWA) depending when

Maps and Metadata BOF

Time Slot: Currently planned for Friday 20th September at 17:30 in the GeoCamp Marquee


  • improving interoperability between the open source metadata servers (pycsw, ckan, hs, geonetwork, gicat, 52north, deegree, ...) and clients (catmdedit, hs, geonode, qgis, esri, mapwindow, openlayers, geoext/gxp/heron, ...)
    • CSW OSGeo profile?
  • Faceted search extensions
  • metadata links articulation
  • spatial relevance algorithms
  • CSW 3, OpenSearch, Mass Market, Linked Data (rdf/sparql)
  • future CSW Shootout?

Who is coming:

Join a Software Foundation - OSGeo and LocationTech BOF

You owe it to your project, your users and yourself. Discussion and Q & A with OSGeo Incubation (and LocationTech?).

  • When - TBC

Who is coming:

Mind the gaps

A hopefully fun brainstorming session and technology geek-out. As technology continues to evolve what are some of the gaps (& esp. open source) that may emerge in the future?

  • When - TBC

Who is coming:

OSGeo INSPIRE/SDI activities

Based on the discussion in OSGeo-Discuss list [1], the INPIRE/SDI BoF shall be a starting point for OSGeo being more active in SDIs. In particular europes INSPIRE directive has a big impact in all days work with geodata and national SDIs.

Time Slot: Currently planned for Friday 20th September during luchtime (13:30-14:00/14:15) - place will be announced soon

Who is coming:

  • ...

OGC/OSGeo meet up

OGC and OSGeo have always been strongly linked, from our common roots in the early open source geospatial community, our 2008 MoU, and the ongoing benefits we continue to realize from each other's activities. As both organisations continue to lead at the top of their respective fields, are there ways that we can work more closely and provide greater support for each other's work?

This BoF is intended as an informal meet up to hear people's thoughts and suggestions.

  • When - Friday 20th September, 08:00 - 09:00 in the GeoCamp Marquee

Who is coming:


Ideas for OSGeo-Live BOF (which might spill into a Code Sprint with sufficient interest):

  • Discuss strategy for improving translation process
  • Work out a strategy for printing and distributing DVDs / USBs, and paying for them. The hard part is working out how to process 50+ requests for DVDs per year.
  • Many of the quickstarts need review/tweaks. A day of people running quickstarts, reporting issues, capturing screen shots, would greatly benefit the project. It would be a great introduction for someone to both OSGeo software, and the Open Source development process, as well as being a very valuable contribution to the community.
  • How to create PDF documentation.
  • PostCards

Time Slot: Thursday, 19th, 6-7pm (Room : TBD)

Who is coming:

Please join also the FOSS4G_2013_BirdsOfAFeather#Education_and_ICA-OSGeo_Labs_meeting Fr 9-10 am


Time Slot and location: Thursday 19th 5:30 - 6:30pm at GeoCamp Marquee; Please fill the Doodle

Great opportunity for the distributed network of developers and users to meet each other and discuss InaSAFE [2] as well as for newcomers and workshop attendants [3] to become involved in the community.


  • use cases: past experiences, future plans
  • documentation and training material
  • road map

Who is coming:

ELOGeo - learning materials for FOSS-GIS

Time Slot and location: Friday, 1-1:30pm, GeoCamp (marquee)

The ELOGeo platform has been set up as a means for the community to share learning resources for FOSS GIS under a Creative Commons 3 licence. We at the University of Nottingham have some additional funding to work on functionality and design of the system, and we're interested in some community views on this. Please come along to say what you think! (Not usually a problem in OSGeo...) We'll have some design ideas for you to think about, and questions about the content & access.


  • how useful is the current collection of materials?
  • organisation: what are good ways to tag or organise the collection?
  • design: how could this be improved?

Who is coming:

  • Jeremy Morley (Nottingham Geospatial Institute)
  • Adam Rousell (Nottingham Geospatial Institute)

The Future of GeoExt BOF

Time Slot and location: Friday, 15:30-16:30pm, GeoCamp (marquee)

GeoExt brings together the geospatial know how of OpenLayers with the user interface savvy of Ext JS to help you build powerful desktop style GIS apps on the web with JavaScript. With the development of OpenLayers 3, does it make sense to create GeoExt 3 ?


  • GeoExt 3 ?
  • Possible alternatives ?
  • is it possible to implement a front-end GeoServer client via REST?

Who is coming:

More information on other Birds of a Feather sessions will be added here before the event See FOSS4G 2009 Birds of a Feather for inspiration!