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FOSS4G Promotional Material Meeting Hawthorne Lucky Lab December 2, 2013 5:30-8:00

Notes in italic


  • Keep brainstorming and refining ideas
    • Lots of "Portland" theme type material
    • Need to tie in with our visual theme as well, see early concepts list visuals
    • local, organic, unique, handmade/crafted, brewed, beer, bike, DIY, "____ it yourself (map, build, bake, make, compile, brew, pickle, code), (R)/(F)OSS island cement or Foss St OSM for play on words, green, exploding whales, Portlandia, "__________ (tree...) capital of the world", historic white space on historic maps, last "here be dragons" area, historic maps of the PNW in Astoria at Maritime Museum, national archives too
    • International oriented movie with local flair for occasion
    • Remote and local image to put in movie
  • Determine press release timeline and general content
    • December Press release - logo announcement and recap of prior work
    • January - call for papers academic and general
    • February - blasts for submission countdown, review number of submissions, reminder that the last minute submission deadline looms, Call for workshops
    • March - Registration opens, keynotes
    • April - open community comments and voting
    • May - travel tips and accommodations
    • June - draft agenda
    • July - Early registration ends
    • August - Countdown... highlights...
  • Write press releases (we can do several already: VTM, Designer) perhaps outline some others
  • Identify and contact potential media outlets
    • Magazines, industry news sites
    • Conferences and events over the next year; local, regional, and international; formal conferences and informal meetups
    • blogs, twitter, community email lists, etc
  • Decide on video details (i.e. who has a camera, who can film,format, video editing ideas, etc)
    • Darrell has GoPro
  • Sign up for videos (world's smallest park, bridges, bikes, rivers, boats, going to work, etc). At least, film all PDX-OSGeo'ers whoregularly bike to work or around PDX.
  • Add more here...

To do