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The OSGeo Conference Committee votes for the 2014 hosting resulted in a tie. A re-vote did not change the outcome. The following is the process used to solve the tie breaker, through a vote by the OSGeo Board.

Board Vote

Voting for where to host the global FOSS4G event is very important, and each Board member must take this responsibility seriously. This means of course reviewing each proposal and budget closely, and reviewing the excellent Q/A already done by the Conf Comm (

Proposal Documents

  • Board members should also review the 2014 RFP (, specifically the "Evaluation Criteria" section, on page 9. (as the Conf Comm did, the OSGeo Board must also vote according to the Evaluation Criteria as specified in the RFP)


  • Mark Lucas, as a Board member and also a member of the DC local committee, will not be allowed to vote
  • Mark Lucas, while noting he has no financial conflict of interest as described by OSGeo bylaws, has volunteered to abstain in order to address concerns raised by others.

Vote Process

We should keep the same voting process as the Conf Comm: please send your city selection to Paul Bart as CRO privately.

Vote Deadline

Votes should be sent to Paul Bart bartvde[at] by end of next Monday, the 29th this Friday, Aug 2nd.

Tie Breaker

In the case of a tie, the President's vote should count as 1.5 votes.

Vote Results

Individual votes will not be made public afterwards, only the winner will be announced.

Board Q/A

Can occur openly on the Board mailing list.