FOSS4G 2014 Planning Meeting 18th November

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FOSS4G LOC Planning Meeting Renewable Funding November 18, 2013 5:45-7:30

== NOTE: Next meeting will be Tuesday December 3nd @ 5:45pm at Renewable Funding to follow-up on the action items below. We will meet every 2 weeks from now to the end of the year. ==


  • In the room: Molly, Darrell, Reid
  • On the phone: Eli, Matt, Tanya, Neil, Greg, Percy


  • Platform for managing paper submissions
    • Molly presented on several options
    • We can expect 400+ submission
    • Need to check if there is existing community voting method
  • WhereCampPDX co-location with Code Sprint
    • Reid gives some background on Eliot Center and wifi provider
    • Sponsorships through FOSS4G add-on and WhereCampPDX on smaller local companies
    • Previous year's budget link to get added here _______ or sent to list
    • Mostly dedicate code sprint space (shared for morning announcements and lunch)
    • Not necessarily combined registration
    • Stumptown mostly taking lead on organizing for both days, FOSS4G probably venue, food
    • Avoid last day FOSS4G double booking with WhereCampPDX party, possible opportunity to combine on OSGeo Annual Meeting and then progress to party
  • logo design process
    • Timeline will be sent to list (December 23rd for final)
    • Concept research, send ideas starting now
    • PDX is (mostly) consensus for name
    • Last opportunity to brainstorm ideas and pass along to Elizabeth
  • Sponsorship updates
    • Mountain theme, Mt. Tabor, St. Helen's
    • Lists have been assembled, need to remove duplicates
    • Review for appropriate contacts
    • Some focused email and phone follow up
    • Mailchimp, constant contact or something else to track outreach
    • Roll out soon (before logo)
    • Need to determine source to keep all this in (shared google doc?)
  • Hotel
    • Not very interested in Hotel block, too high a risk
    • Convention center
  • GIS Day video
    • Contact Madeline or Christine for Darrell to make announcement
  • ORURISA/GIS In Action coordination
    • Occasional announcements
    • Regular Announcements
    • Program Announcement
    • Potential media sponsor? Professional organization affiliation? ORURISA and/or URISA?
  • Press Releases
    • Percy will proofread
    • Darrell will help
    • Nate is really good at this stuff, Percy will talk with him
    • Need outlets/media sponsors, see media sponsors at 2013
  • Academic Update
    • Do we want to keep using existing OJS instance? (i.e. we could take overpayment and administration)
    • Helena interested in helping at AGU
  • Website
    • Darrell to send email update on this
  • Sending update
    • Required to Board
    • Discuss too

To do list before next meeting

  • Eli to do theme recap on list, either come to decision or pass raw material to Elizabeth
  • Percy to respond to Helena on AGU
  • Percy to email Nate DiNiro about outreach Percy did this, will report back
  • Percy to look into (existing) OJS more
  • Darrell to contact Paul Ramsey about community voting
  • Reid to send budget outline
  • Eli to combine sponsor list and start
  • Eli to come up with Press Release schedule and combine with Molly
  • Darrell to sign up for mailchimp
  • Eli to come up with shared source for sponsorship stuff Done, teamworkpm for now