FOSS4G 2017/Logo Entries

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Foss4G Boston 2017 Rules

for details on the contest, please go to the contest page

Shared Entries & Ideas

Michael Terner

Please feel free to take this idea and add to it. It's based on the town welcome signs in MA.

-- Idea by Michael Terner, 10:00, 23 January 2016 (UTC)


-- Entry by NorStar, 17:35 8 February (UTC)

-- Entry by NorStar, 16:40 8 February (UTC)

-- Entry by NorStar, 18:38 16 February (UTC)

-- Entry by NorStar, 18:40 16 February (UTC)



-- Entry by Afreeman

-- Entry by Afreeman

Doug Greenfield

-- Entry by Doug Greenfield