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Purpose: To define manifesto for future FOSS4G conferences all over the world - about the spirit, not intended as guidelines

FOSS4G conference Manifesto

Free and Open Source for Geospatial (FOSS4G) conferences refer to a series of events which provides presentations, workshops, and networking opportunities based around Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial. It is the annual recurring global event hosted by OSGeo since it's inception in 2006. Its predecessors were rooted in the GRASS and MapServer communities and can be traced back to the beginning of this millennium.

FOSS4G includes one annual global event which rotates around the world, as well as a number of regional events which follow similar principles.

Use of the name

FOSS4G is not registered as a trademark but has a long tradition of being used in the context of Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial. The domain was originally registered by Venkatesh Raghavan (Venka) who later graciously donated it to OSGeo - under the condition that using the name should stay open to anybody who does something reasonably related to Free and Open Source Geospatial. If you are not sure, simply ask on the main mailing list (starting from here).

Conference place rotation

"Global FOSS4G event": The FOSS4G conference (sometimes referred as "Global FOSS4G") rotates around the world every year. The selection process has been set and described for future years, as well as the rotation scheme. The selection process is maintained by OSGeo Conference Committee.

"Regional FOSS4G events": On regional level, several other events are taking place, which are referring to the name "FOSS4G" as well. This happens at the national, language-oriented or regional level. Each regional event is organized on it's own way by the local conference committees.

You can find more detailed information about the conference and its organization in the FOSS4G Handbook.

FOSS4G Europe Manifesto

FOSS4G Europe (started as FOSS4G Central and Eastern Europe) is the regional event. Its scope is to bring the spirit and information flow of the global FOSS4G conference closer to the people living in various edges of Europe. FOSS4G Europe is

  • rather small than big,
  • rather simple than opulent,
  • rather affordable than spendy,
  • rather educative than academic,

We are especially welcoming developers of open source software for geoinformatics as well as students. FOSS4G Europe is intended to address also (but not exclusively) Europe specific topics, like INSPIRE, European Union and other topics.

Location and date selection of FOSS4G regional and local events should be coordinated with other FOSS4G events.

See also: FOSS4G Handbook, join the the mailing list

FOSS4G North America Manifesto

FOSS4G North America is the English language regional event for Canada and the USA (and whoever else wants to come). It provides a "FOSS4G like" annual event for North Americans to attend in those years when FOSS4G international is being held overseas. In years when FOSS4G international is in North America, this event is not held.

FOSS4G North America is

  • about half as big as the international conference
  • about half as expensive as the international conference
  • about half as difficult to put on as the international conference

Previous locations of FOSS4G North America are: Washington DC, Minneapolis.