Face to Face Meeting Boston 2017

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Face-to-face meeting during FOSS4G 2017 in Boston.

When and Where

  • Monday August 14, 18:00
  • location: Flagship B Room at the Seaport Hotel


Board members:

  1. Maria Brovelli
  2. Vasile Craciunescu
  3. Helena Mitasova
  4. Jody Garnett
  5. Sanghee
  6. Mike
  7. Angelos Tzotsos (remotely)
  8. add yourself


  1. Brief report from FOSS4G2017 LOC (important for the "future of foss4g" discussion item)
  2. appoint meeting chair, meeting scribe/secretary
  3. Approve f2f Paris meeting minutes?
  4. Payment of travel expenses arrangements, refund for free registration (vote needed on the later?)
  5. Discuss and approve pending MoUs and CLA
  6. Vote on funding requests
    • OSGeo Journal issue with FOSS4G Bonn papers: $1200 for layout and proofing
  7. OSGeo and FOSS4G Conferences
  8. OSGeo Project Status
    • Report from Maxi and Jeff, Jeff invited to present
    • Project by project recommendations
    • Project categories, see Comparison
  9. System admin committee coordination - invitation extended to Alex Mandel (move as needed when Alex comes)
  10. 2017 elections
  11. approve European local chapter


We invite board members not present at the Paris F2F Meeting to revisit their initial goals at elected representatives (to provide context for the days discussion).

The overall goal of the meeting is to coordinate two "hot topics" for the OSGeo community: event attendance costs and OSGeo project health.

We should leave this meeting with clear guidance for the subsequent board and affected committees on these two issues.

Meeting Minutes

Minutes were collected via a shared google doc, Jody acted as primary scribe to copy the notes into the wiki.


Guests: - invitation extended to Alex Mandel to speak on behalf of the system administration comimttee

Discussion and Review

Approve the minutes - 5 yes, one abstain

Was progress made on setting up the account in Europe? Not yet, need to directors to attend a bank in person.

Travel approved

0. Brief report from FOSS4G2017 LOC

Context: important for the "future of foss4g" discussion item.

Meeting mins were not taken for this portion, slide presentation was provided by LOC.

System admin committee coordination

Discussion on SAC functionality and challenges:

  • SAC short staffed - in terms of both volunteers and paid contractors
  • Clarification sought on how to put up bids for SAC

Subcontract the sysadmin work: - no structure to make the decisions - no time to do sysadmin work

Q: How does SAC currently function?

Board asked all committees to write down how they function last November -- write down how SAC function so that volunteers know can be clear.

Q: When was the last SAC meeting? Notes do not list this answer.

Consider asking committee should meeting once a year? Alex felt that SAC should meet more often.

System Admin Committee Challenges:

  • lack of time to fix things and lack of time organize meetings
  • Demos machine is on is last legs
    • Dockers? Need contributor with expertise in this area.
  • machine needs to be retired
    • budgeted to replace machine with wiki, track and website
  • do cloud hosting for some of the stuff? attract more staff, not enough expertise in the current team.

recruitment of additional people

  • request board help with this
  • seeking people with expertise in larger systems, perhaps from service providers.

Decision with website

  • set aside some funds in case $3000 for SAC committee - enough for employment or on-going cloud.
  • Action: Aex talk to jeffrey johnson and provide feedback by the end of the weekend on what is needed to host the website
  • Action: Jody talk to Jeffrey Johnson to explore out what cloud hosting would cost

System admin committee coordination


  • Action: Aex talk to jeffrey johnson and provide feedback by the end of the weekend on what is needed to host the website
  • Action: Jody talk to Jeffrey Johnson to explore out what cloud hosting would cost


MOT1: Approve previous board meeting minutes on 2017-08-14

  • Michael Smith
  • Vasile Craciunescu
  • Maria Brovelli
  • Angelos Tzotsos
  • Anita Graser
  • Helena Mitasova
  • Jody Garnett
  • Sanghee Shin
  • Venkatesh Raghavan
  • notes...