Face to Face Meeting Lausanne 2006

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The board has proposed getting people together for a second face-to-face meeting at FOSS4G2006, Lausanne, Switzerland.

When and Where

September 11th, 2006 at UNDEFINED, Lausanne, Switzerland.

This is just preceeding the FOSS4G2006 conference September 12-15.


Board members and committee members of VisCom, WebCom and the Fundraising committees are encouraged to attend.

  1. Frank Warmerdam (Board, FunCom)
  2. Arnulf Christl (Board, VisCom)
  3. Jo Walsh (Board)
  4. Dave McIlhagga (Board, FunCom, VisCom)
  5. Mark Lucas (Board)
  6. Chris Holmes (Board, VisCom)
  7. Venkatesh Raghavan (Board)
  8. Markus Neteler (Board, Geodata, Edu)


    • 09:00 - please add


please add


  • We should really figure out what the title and requirements of membership are. At FOSS4G2006 many people will want to know how to become a member



  • Continue the 2005/2006 budget + ideas for 2007
  • General strategy discussions.
  • Discuss the stated priorities and how we meet them.
  • Make sure that the VisCom is as focused on promoting OSGeo projects as it is OSGeo itself, (if not more?)
  • Try to reach consensus on new projects to admit to incubation.
  • Discuss ideas for starting cross-collaboration between projects.



  • Develop sponsorship model
  • Identify sources of income

Lodging and Travel

  • See Itineraries section below for other attendee arrival times/places


Possibly futile attempt at collaborative scheduling as follows:

Sunday, Sept 10 (day before meeting)

Monday, Sept 11 (F2F meeting day)

Meeting Minutes

Click here for the meeting minutes Meeting Minutes Lausanne 2006.

See also Face To Face Action Items.

See also Proposed Membership Rules#Specifics.