Face to Face Meeting Paris 2017

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Face-to-face meeting during FOSS4G-Europe 2017.

When and Where

  • Morning of July 18th - morning workshop slot
  • Evening of July 18th - after workshops


Board members:

  1. Venkatesh Raghavan
  2. Sanghee Shin
  3. Maria Brovelli
  4. Vasile Craciunescu
  5. Angelos Tzotsos
  6. Jody Garnett
  7. add yourself


  1. Director Updates
  2. OSGeo Events and FOSS4G Conferences
  3. OSGeo Project Status
  4. OSGeo Website/Rebranding Coordination
  5. Discuss and Approve pending MoUs
  6. European Bank Account
  7. OSGeo contributor license agreement for government participation
  8. FOSS4G Affordability


We also invite board members to revisit their initial goals at elected representatives to provide context for the days discussion.

The overall goal of the meeting is to coordinate two "hot topics" for the OSGeo community: event attendance costs and OSGeo project health.

We should leave this meeting with a clear way forward on these two issues; providing a list of actions to take prior to next Boston F2F meeting.

Meeting Minutes