Face to Face Meeting Paris 2017

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Face-to-face meeting during FOSS4G-Europe 2017.

When and Where

  • Morning of July 18th - morning workshop slot
  • Evening of July 18th - after workshops


Board members:

  1. Venkatesh Raghavan
  2. Sanghee Shin
  3. Maria Brovelli
  4. Vasile Craciunescu
  5. Angelos Tzotsos
  6. Jody Garnett
  7. add yourself


  1. Director Updates
  2. OSGeo Events and FOSS4G Conferences
  3. OSGeo Project Status
  4. OSGeo Website/Rebranding Coordination
  5. Discuss and Approve pending MoUs
  6. European Bank Account
  7. OSGeo contributor license agreement for government participation
  8. FOSS4G Affordability


We also invite board members to revisit their initial goals at elected representatives to provide context for the days discussion.

The overall goal of the meeting is to coordinate two "hot topics" for the OSGeo community: event attendance costs and OSGeo project health.

We should leave this meeting with a clear way forward on these two issues; providing a list of actions to take prior to next Boston F2F meeting.

Meeting Minutes

F2F Board Meeting July FOSS4GE

  • attending: Maria, Sanghee, Vasile, Michael, Venkatesh, Jody, Angelos
  • Quorum : 7/9

Motion 1 - Venka chair, jody scribe

- motion by Vasile, accepted by acclamation (ie all in favour)

1. FOSS4G Breakfast pre-meeting

Update from Maria / Jody

  • assume 20-30 people based on response
  • look for reservation in area 20-30 a plate


  • OGC: Luis did not reply
  • OSM: did not reply, contact osm-us branch Alessia
  • Need government input?
 * Nasa: Patrick was not available to attend? Would like world wind to be an included in OSGeo. Seems to not understand how we work as a volunteer organization.
 * Ask Marc Volumnens for NASA contact used at foss4g-na?

Motion 1: $1000 budget, to cover $900 expected costs

  • venka: makes the motion, approved by acclamation

Director Update

Go through your goals on wiki, and see how we are doing.


  • LocationTech rep, some work to be done (did not quite meet this one.
  • treasurer, great success


  • geoforall contact, successful in this role
  • un comittee contact, successful in this role, taking a fair bit of time


  • any role assigned?
  • really active on geoforall, and everywhere including SAC.


  • goal: build up relationships in european agencies
  • esa, hackathon in september
  • action: advertise hackathon in september
* looking into osgeo europe to better take on this role
   * good discussion on requirements, etc...
   * meeting this week
  • Q: do you need any discussion with the board?
 * A: other examples of local chapters are fine
  • ESA discussion with Cordina
 * discuss about github repo for work, etc..
           - URISSA sees free to use, rather than open
           - graph of foss4g echosystem presented in Brussels
       - foss4g european chapter discussion
           - group of local chapters, non all are legal enties etc...

- sangee: no record on the wiki! Check email ...

   - bridge osgeo
       - such as UN "technical advisor group" of UN Open GIS
   - business perspective to osgeo community
       - KAOS: Korean Alliance of Open Source"
           - new organization "company alliance for promoting open gis"
           - president of each company, setup legal entity
   - other worlds view from asia 

- jody:

   - wanted to focus on projects, ended up focusing on buisness and outreach
       - sponsors reboot
       - website/rebranding
   - identify gaps in our oragnization, move responsibility to committee
       - hard to keep track on committees

- venka: no record on wiki

   - user oriented events, user focused workshops, attract users
       - attend user community events
   - keeping track on committees
       - professional secretarty?
       - partnership between board and committee chairs
       - discussion:
           - f2f meeting in 2016 will get budget if comittee chair for budget

Discussion: - director mandates ends when?

   - Assume october: after f2f meeting and charter member nominations

- based on after charter members elections

   - assume one month from now, so during foss4g nominate people

- Should we consider holding vote at fixed time each year?

   - elections: board members during september

Discussion: - partner relationships

   - MOU Universityies
   - OGC MOU renews each year
       - need up update the contacts
   - LocationTech
       - Guest membership currently with Michael Smith representing
       - Consider membership and sponsorship of each others
       - This is clarified in the new website; see partners google doc being worked on by board members

Actions: - venka/jody: 1) review relationship as written 2) chat marc this week - maria/jody: describe un committee for new website

2. OSGeo Events

Finished: - foss4g africa - foss4g-jp - italy event in feb, presentation from venka

Coming up: - Boston event - Argitena event - FOSS4G-ko Korea event - events in japan - events in romania

It is not really obvious to Jody that all these events were ocurring - website? - local chapter report - wiki page for foss4g events exists now

community events: - geo4africa - calgis / locationcon

project events - qgis hackathon - gvsig events

new website: - action maria/jody: double check if there is a map for events?

discussion: - foss4g asia every second year - foss4gna process starting up

3. OSGeo project status

Discussion about relationship between osgeo board and projects.

Working group to review projects: - some collaboration with osgeo live - dropped many projects from osgeo live

   - example mapfish is no longer functioning

- what to do with these results

   - expectation: working group will report with board

- at the end of incubation we have a project team, not a codebase

   - code can be rewritten:
       - deegree rewrites
       - mapfish -->  geomapfish

action: - action helena: agm reminder

   - projects that do not make the agm can be invited to next meeting

- awaiting working group report - otb graduation:

   - update website, ask jeff mckenna to update website

4. Website/Rebranding update and coordination

action: - venka/jeff johnson to follow up about LDAP / Website requirements contract. - venka/angilous/ - current website database and local directories

5. Discuss / approve pending MOU, partner, friends

What is pending: - Helena has one with Department of Interior (US Government)

   - action: invite to breakfast!

- Anita working on with with AGILE - GSDI - - AGU -

Friends how to set this up: - OSM - active in osgeo-live - Natural Earth - Others ..

Others: - GRSS - would like to have OSGeo as a standard committee member. - ESA - reach our at open science 2.0, set up official meeting - Apache Foundation? - FSF Foundation?

actions to reach contact: - Maria: Reach out to Kate, reach out to partners, angelous reach out paul norman - HOT: Maira to reach out - Angelos: Ask Brian to reach out to Natural Earths - Jody: Contact Open Source Initiative

6. European account

Motion 2: - jody: authorize Vasile and Angelos to open a euro account. - by acclamation

7. OSGeo CLA Government participation

GeoTools request: Approve government CLA (see email discussion). Request from US Government Department NGA.


  • Michael I will set this up

Discussion: Q: Budget? A: Less than $500 USD.

8. FOSS4G Affordability

Consider discussion after foss4g Boston: - be careful about communicating to avoid conflicts

We can meet this week: - Could make a BOF tomorrow? - Make dinner at IBIS hotel 8pm :) - Consider invite others? Gerald, Till Admans