Face to Face Meeting Spring 2015

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Board Face to Face Meeting

The Board initially planned to meet in person after FOSSGIS 2015 conference in Münster (website in German), i.e. from Saturday 14th to Sunday, 15th of March. However not all Board could attend, and the date is too close in time to get good prices for transportation.

A Doodle poll is open to decide a date in April/May, and the location will be next to an airport hub (e.g. London Heathrow).




Anne: See the parallel Skate-Boarding of Fedora at http://fedoramagazine.org/lets-talk-about-fedora-project-objectives/ - I really like the idea of having 18 months goals, that are measurable, backed up by community agreement. Let's discuss this at the first Sprint.

There are also some thoughts on Ubuntu governance that can inspire us, but I haven't gone through the whole discussion yet, and there are many differences between OSGeo and Ubuntu; so I'm not sure on how much we can learn from it.

These 10 tips from Jono Bacon are also useful to get to the right questions and find out what we can improve. They are quite generally set, but once the Board and the project leaders are aware of them, it can improve things quite a lot.






By car


By public transport


By plane