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Please, check GIS_Book_ToC for further information


  • V1.(Estimated:July 2008). All chapter at stage 5 (Finished, but not yet reviewed)
  • V2. (Estimated:November 2008) All chapters at stage 6 (Finished and reviewed)
  • V3. (Estimated:March 2009) All chapters at stage 7 (Internally and externally reviewed. Camera-ready version)
  • V4. (Estimated: ¿?). Translation of chapters.

Note: Dates are estimated, but we should fix a deadline, specially for V1. Having a deadline will boost the writing process.

We can use the wiki to review chapters. A PDF can be generated usign the "lineno" package in LaTeX, that includes line numbers pagewise, so comments can be referred to a page an line number. Using this PDF as the "reference text" reviewers can check chapters and add their comments and corrections to the wiki. Authors can later on improve their chapters upon this comments.

I think that we can do the internal revisión in 2-3 months, half of the time to review the texts and the other half for the authors to update and correct their work.

For the external one, it might a take a bit longer.

I think that chapters should be reviewed in their original language and then translated, but maybe someone can propose a better way to do it and ensure the quality of the text. Maybe we can translate chapters once they reach stage 5, and then review them in both languages. That would mean more work, but also more reviewers, so the quality of the text would be better. Opinions are welcome.