GRASS GIS Report 2008

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Key Accomplishments

Major software releases:

  • GRASS 6.3.0 released - a technology preview (announcement)
  • GRASS 6.4.0 prepared and release candidates published (details)
  • Work on GRASS 7 started
  • Integration of GRASS into the OSGeo4W installer now active and productive
  • In total 22 TB of downloads from in 2008: (detailed statistics; not including downloads from mirror sites)

Users and developers:

  • New developers acquired: 5 to main archive, 12 to AddOns repository.
  • More than 1000 subscribers in the grass-user mailing list
(470 in grass-dev, many more in the other GRASS mailing lists)

Books and book chapters:

Visibility at conferences and workshops:

Areas for Improvement

  • An automated build environment, especially for the OSGeo4W installer is desired
  • Development of a framework for efficient and semi-automated translations of the 400+ module help pages
  • Unrelated to the GRASS development: a SVN history "annotate" ability for Trac source code browser would be helpful

Opportunities to Help

Outlook for 2009

  • Vector topology speedup
  • Overhaul of raster library
  • Partially addition of parallelization (mostly using openMP)
  • Cartography GUI extension programmed
  • Further participation in Google Summer of Code (we hope)
  • Stability on MS Windows leading to incredible gain of new users
  • Move/removal of web-svn documentation to our MediaWiki site; move/removal of development material from MediaWiki to our TracWiki site