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===Correlative link===
===Correlative link===
* [[Google Summer of Code]]
* [[Google Summer of Code 2009 Ideas]]
** [[gvSIG 2009 SOC Ideas]]
* [[gvSIG]]
* [[gvSIG]]

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About the Author

My name is Xi Chen, and you can call me Chauncey for short. I come from Beijing, China. I am a second year graduate student at ISCAS (Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences).

I am a GSoC 2009 student joining in gvSIG project of OSGeo Organization. My GSoC 2009 project is to implement WMS Tiling Cache support in gvSIG.


  • chauncey.chan at gmail dot com
  • Skype user: chauncey.chen

My mentor

Correlative link

WMS Tiling Cache support in gvSIG Project

Aim of the project

WMS_Tile_Caching has been defined within OSGeo, with a WMS_Tiling_Client_Recommendation. The aim of the proposal is to add WMS Tiling Cache support to gvSIG, in order to allow the loading of this kind of layers (WMS-Cache).

Planned Timeline


  1. First designing raster tile support in gvSIG core.
  2. Adding a new renderer on the same Map Control.
  3. It should be defined the way a tile layer is going to be integrated with the rest of layers, attending to discrete zoom levels.
  4. Management of multiple tile layers with possibly different zoom levels.

GSoC 2009 Weekly Reports

GSoC 2009 gvSIG WMST-C Weekly Report 20090529