GeoNode Provenance Review

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GeoNode Provenance Review

Project History

The work behind GeoNode began in February 2009 with work between the World Bank and OpenGeo with the first commit taking place in September 2009 under the GPL License. In January 2010, the GeoNode community launched, by February, commercial support was being provided by Boundless and SpatialDev. In the following years, several projects (MapStory, ROGUE, Boundless Exchange) have been build on the GeoNode platform and dozens of partners have helped fund and develop enhancements to GeoNode. In 2016, all copyright held by the now dissolved OpenGeo was transferred to the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo). GeoNode is now used worldwide by many institutions and has developers from a wide variety of organizations supporting it.


List or reference a table of included libraries and/or components. Include:

  • Library Name
  • License
  • Whether the library licence is compatible with the project
  • Whether the library is compiled into the project's releases, or required as an external dependancy
  • Whether the library is included in the project's code repository
  • Issue? (link if issue if one exists)
  • Ok? (Yes/No/Black - implies not checked yet)
  • Comment(s)
Library Licence Compatible? Included in core? Issue(s)? Ok? Comments
GDAL 1.10.1 MIT yes no
IMDbPY 4.9 yes no
Jinja2 2.7.2 BSD yes no
MarkupSafe 0.18 BSD yes no
MySQL-python 1.2.3 GPL yes no
Pillow 2.3.0 Standard PIL License yes no
Pygments 1.6 BSD License yes no
Twisted 13.2.0 MIT yes no
Twisted-Conch 13.2.0 MIT yes no
Twisted-Core 13.2.0 MIT yes no
Twisted-Lore 13.2.0 MIT yes no
Twisted-Mail 13.2.0 MIT yes no
Twisted-Names 13.2.0 MIT yes no
Twisted-News 13.2.0 MIT yes no
Twisted-Runner 13.2.0 MIT yes no
Twisted-Web 13.2.0 MIT yes no
Twisted-Words 13.2.0 MIT yes no
chardet 2.0.1 LGPL yes no
click 5.1 yes no
colorama 0.2.5 BSD yes no
defer 1.0.6 GNU GPL yes no
dnspython 1.11.1 BSD-like yes no
docutils 0.11 public domain, Python, 2-Clause BSD, GPL 3 (see COPYING.txt) yes no
html5lib 0.999 MIT License yes no
httplib2 0.8 MIT yes no
lxml 3.3.3 UNKNOWN yes no
matplotlib 1.3.1 yes no
netifaces 0.8 MIT License yes no
numpy 1.8.2 BSD yes no
oauthlib 0.6.1 BSD yes no
psycopg2 2.4.5 GPL with exceptions or ZPL yes no
pyOpenSSL 0.13 APL2 yes no
pycups 1.9.66 GPLv2+ yes no
pycurl 7.19.3 LGPL/MIT yes no
pyspatialite 3.0.1 zlib/libpng license yes no
pysqlite 1.0.1 Python license yes no
python-dateutil 1.5 PSF License yes no
pytz 2012c MIT yes no
pyudev 0.16.1 LGPL 2.1+ yes no
pyxattr 0.5.1 LGPL yes no
pyzmq 14.0.1 LGPL+BSD yes no
requests 2.2.1 Copyright 2014 Kenneth Reitz yes no
roman 2.0.0 Python 2.1.1 yes no
simplejson 3.3.1 MIT License yes no
six 1.5.2 MIT yes no
speedtest-cli 0.2.5 Apache License, Version 2.0 yes no
ssh-import-id 3.21 GPLv3 yes no
urlgrabber 3.9.1 LGPL yes no
urllib3 1.7.1 MIT yes no
wheel 0.24.0 MIT yes no
wxPython wxWidgets Library License (LGPL derivative) yes no
wxPython-common wxWidgets Library License (LGPL derivative) yes no
zope.interface 4.0.5 ZPL 2.1 yes no
datatables 1.10 yes no
select 23.2.0 yes no
jquery >=1.8.0 yes no
jquery-timeago 0.11.4 yes no
jquery-ui 1.10.4 yes no
requirejs 2.1.2 yes no
requirejs-text2.0.3 yes no
underscore 1.4.2 yes no
jquery-waypoints 1.1.7 yes no
bootstrap 3.1.1 yes no
moment 2.8.3 yes no
raty 2.5.2 yes no
json2 43d7836c8ec9b31a02a31ae0c400bdae04d3650d yes no
bootstrap-wysiwyghtml5 yes no
fontselect-jquery-plugin yes no
multi-select yes no
jquery-ajaxprogress yes no
jquery.ajaxQueue yes no
angular 1.3.0 yes no
angular-leaflet-directive 0.7.9 yes no
zeroclipboard 2.1.5 yes no
leaflet-fullscreen yes no
eonasdan-bootstrap-datetimepicker ~3.1.3 yes no

Source Files

List of source files, including code, documentation and data, including:

  • File name
  • License
  • Copyright Holder (if known)
  • License header included?
  • Issue? (link if issue if one exists)
  • Ok? (Yes/No/Black implies not checked yet)
  • Comment(s)

File Licence Copyright Holder Licenced? Issue(s)? Ok? Comments
File Licence <org/person> yes n/a yes

Copyright Holders

List or reference all copyright holders of the project's source files. These are all the people that would need to be contacted if the license of the project is to be changed. List:

  • Organisation or person
  • Contact details for Organisation or person
  • Issue? (link if issue if one exists)
  • Comments
Copyright Holder Contact details Issue? Comments
OpenPlans OpenPlans no longer exists


List or reference a table of committers, including:

  • Committer name
  • Commit username in code repository
  • Committer's employer(s) (if applicable)
  • Committer (or employer) has signed contribution agreement? (yes/no)

Committer Username Affiliation Contribution Agrement Signed? Ok?
David Winslow dwins formerly Boundless/OpenGeo
Sebastian Benthall sbenthall formerly Boundless/OpenGeo
Andreas Hocevar ahocevar Boundless/OpenGeo
Rolando Peñate scrollie formerly Boundless/OpenGeo
Gabriel Roldán groldan Boundless/OpenGeo
Luke Tucker ltucker formerly Boundless/OpenGeo
Ivan Willig iwillig formerly Boundless/OpenGeo
Ariel Núñez ingenieroariel World Bank GFDRR / Terranodo
Jeffrey Johnson jj0hns0n World Bank GFDRR / Terranodo
Bart van den Eijnden bartvde Boundless/OpenGeo
Tom Kralidis tomkralidis Unaffiliated
Ian Schneider ischneider formerly Boundless/OpenGeo
Matt Bertrand mbertrand Formerly Harvard CGA
Matthew Hanson matthewhanson Geo Imaging Science
Simone Dalmasso simod European Commission JRC (Formerly WFP, ITHACA)
Angelos Tzotsos kalxas Remote Sensing Laboratory, NTUA
Paolo Corti capooti Harvard CGA (Formerly WFP)
Paolo Pasquali ppasq ITHACA
Michael Diener mdiener21
Barbara Angerer b-angerer
Michael Weisman mweisman formerly Boundless/OpenGeo
Tyler Garner garnertb Prominent Edge (Formerly LMN/Noblis)
Vivien Deparday vdeparday World Bank GFDRR
Micah Wengren mwengren NOAA
Christian Spanring cspanring
Mark Illife markiliffe World Bank
Jean Jordaan jean
Humanitarian Information Unit state-hiu
Derek Hohls gamesbook
Stefano Menegon menegon
Patrick Dufour pjdufour WFP (Formerly State HIU)
Alessio Fabiani afabiani GeoSolutions

Further Issues

List or reference a list of any outstanding issues not already listed above. Typically link to issues in project's issue tracker.