Geodata Committee Eleventh Meeting

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Chair: Jo Walsh 
 Voice: See Conference Call for instructions.
 IRC backup: #osgeo channel on (or via Web based IRC client)
 Date: 2006-February-01 (at least in the Americas and Europe)
 Time: 1600 GMT / 1100 East Coast / 1700 Europe (fixed time)


See Jo's most recent mail to the list:

All these things ought to be done to present a bright picture of geodata activity, and need people looking after them, or need to be scaled right back if people don't have time.

  • Fixing the website
  • Coordinating work on the repository
  • Making a frontend to the repository
  • Working with GeoNetwork / metadata semiautomation
  • Writing about open data licensing for geodata
  • Trying to connect more to the Education Committee and packaging/discovery work in that context.
  • AOB