Geodata Committee Fifteenth Meeting

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Time and Date

Postponed! until Thursday, 25th October 2007 at 1700UTC / 1800 UK / 1900 EU / 1300 East Coast / 1000 West Coast

(fixed time around the world)

Communication will use the Conference Call facilities also the IRC channel #osgeo see Getting Started#Jump on IRC.


  • New Geodata Committee chair / governance structure.
  • Revisit optimal meeting day of week / time
  • Mission Statement -- Does it need work?
  • Geodata Repository index - what is to be done?
  • Updates on latest installations on the systems
  • Discussion of "OSGeo Data Projects"
  • Please add more




  • Jo Walsh
  • David Bitner
  • Chris Schmidt
  • Dave Patton
  • Lorenzo Becchi
  • Norman Vine
  • Martin Spott


  • Jo stepped down as chair of the committee. David Bitner steps in as chair.
  • Many thanks to Jo for getting this committee off the ground.
  • Meeting times
 * we should try to have monthly scheduled meeting
 * Bitner will try to find some web 2.0 scheduler and post to the mailing list to find a new time
  • Mission Statement and Workgroups
 * Rework workgroups to try to capture energy
 * Mission statement needs some thinking
 * Members encouraged to bring thoughts up to mailing list
  • Geodata Repository Index
 * Make GeoNetwork Install Priority
 * Lorenzo volunteered to be point person to follow GN activity
  • Telascience activity
 * [1]
 * [2]
 * [3]
  • Geodata Project Incubation for projects that mix software and data
 * Leave incubation to the incubation committee
 * Geodata Committee can help to find hosting for data sets and can support making data available through appropriate standards