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== People ==
== People ==
* David Bitner
* David Bitner
* Christopher Schmidt, http://crschmidt.net/
== Agenda ==
== Agenda ==

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Meeting Info

 Chair: Jo Walsh
 IRC: #osgeo channel on irc.freenode.org
 Date: 2006-Jun-30 (at least in the Americas and Europe)
 Time: (fixed time)



  • What more is needed to get OSGeo's Geodata Repository running at Telascience
    • User accounts to ask SAC for if needed
    • Responsibilities for different data sets
  • What kind of portal is needed - is wiki enough?
  • Some type of browsing interface for the data neccesary:
    • OpenLayers for Raster/Vector data? Easy to set up, might not be full featured enough for some people?
    • Perhaps Ka-Map's tile.php as cached layer to feed both kamap and openlayers?
    • Single-image screenshots for Raster data as overviews
    • Vector dataset descriptions: What various attributes are/mean (better metadata)
    • GeoRSS out to get updates, with bounding boxes -- need to get some way to display this data, does anything do GeoRSS rendering with bounding boxes right now?
  • Free Earth Foundation working on distributed open geodata services targeted at WorldWind - how can we help?
  • Feedback appreciated on metadata client
  • Please feel free to add items here


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