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This is a Working Group started by the Public Geospatial Data Committee.

While OSGeo can consider hosting sets of public geodata, (and for the purposes of offering maintained packages of high-quality data for education and demonstration, it probably will), we can compile a set of best practises and references to good prior art for building and maintaining collections of data and metadata.


  • Metadata for collections of geographic information.
  • Providing best practise and prototypes for geodata search facilities
  • Help with providing input into the OSGeo repository/services at
  • Providing 'catalog'/discovery/search services as part of OSGeo activities in promoting access to public domain and open licensed bodies of data.


Existing and related projects

  • Mapdex is "a global Index of 2,018 servers, serving 37,168 map services, containing over 400,000 GIS Layers, covering more than 4,000,000 columns!"
  • GeoTorrent hosts BitTorrents of shapefile/TIFF format data.
  • GeoNetwork "Find Interactive Maps, GIS datasets, Satellite Imagery and Related Applications"
  • DLESE Collection System offers a metadata repository and editor

Public Datasets for Possible Mirroring or Distribution

  • Vector data
  • Raster data
    • LandSat
    • SRTM
    • Blue Marble / Blue Marble NG
    • ASTER
    • MODIS
    • AVHRR

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