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Page de gestion des Salons

Géoévénement 2008

Proposing Participation at an Event

What the event is

see (Fr) for more information.

Geoevenement is the french geomatics tradeshows. If offers booth, thematics conferences and Birds of a feather. This years, more than 35 companies will get a booth whose 10 from opensource community !

The conference thematics are:

  • Catalog
  • Webmapping
  • neogeography
  • map server
  • Desktop GIS
  • free data
  • geostatistic
  • OGC standards
  • GIS and CRM
  • Network and GIS

Where and when

The GeoEvenement tradeshow will take place in Paris, from 8th to 10th Arpril 2008

How will our participation helps OSGeo

The main purpose of this event is to give informations about OSGeo's missions and project, and about Francophone Local Chapter.

  • About OSGeo:
    • spread the Open Source message in general
    • promote OSGeo projects
    • explain OSGeo missions,
    • ...
  • About Francophone Local Chapter:
    • information about the local chapter, what kind of help we need, ...
    • meet people interesting in contributing,
    • ...

What funding

We estimate the budget of the booth between 1 500 and 2 000 €, depending on the budget asked by the Open Source village organizer.

What we need:

  • brochure about OSGeo -> ready
  • brochure about projects
  • poster -> ready
  • T-shirt -> need some more
  • USB key with brochure


The OSGeo booth will take place in the opensource village which will gather more than 10 french opensource companies.

Find other volunteers to help out

Volunteers :

  • Yves Jacolin (YJA)
  • Gwenael Bachelot (GwB)
  • Marie Silvestre (MSI)
  • Hervé Halbout (HHA)
  • Daniel Morissette (DMo)
  • Thierry Badard (TBa)
  • Francois Van Der Biest (VDB)
  • Vincent Picavet (Vpi)
Tuesday 8 Wednesday 9 Thursday 10
AM GwB, (DMo), Vpi (MSI), (GwB), TBa MSI, (TBa)

What opportunities for speakers are available

We plan to do:

  • Open Source Village will propose some conferences, one will be about OSGeo (Francophone OSGeo community)
  • panels and booth in the opensource village.
  • interview of three contributors (Daneil Morissette, Thierry Badard, Gwenael Bachelot, Yves jacolin)
  • OSGeo Dinner

BOF/interest group session

Not a true BOF, just a good dinner :

  • bof will take place the 8h of april at 19h00 in a good restaurant.
  • topic: all and more !

After the Event



OSGeo was present at the Géoévénement tradeshow with a booth inside an Open Source Village. A "big poster" was created as well as some brochure in french to present OSGeo Fundation and a short description for each project. The booth was in a great place (close to the main entry).


Conferences on Open Source thematic were a great success. People asked a lot of questions as we could see it at the booth: OSGeo presentation - organisation, incubation process, funding, ...- projects presentation - comparations, demonstration, ...

Conferences were : Inside the tradeshow :

Inside the Open source Vilage:


Expenses & Funding

What Amount Funding
Booth Free Thanks to Virginie Jourdan (Camptocamp) negociations with event organizer
Booth others (Electricity, Internet, ...) 684 Euros with VAT Autodesk
250 x 1Gb USB Key (with OSGeo tag) 2031 Euros with VAT Autodesk
30 x OSGeo black polos 286 Euros with VAT Autodesk
Sample brochures Printing Free Autodesk (internal printers)



Media talk about it

The futur

Next booth should more professionel: hide electric and network cables, create a visual image more logic for OSGeo (black and green). More brochures and demo on Laptop + USB key.