German Language Chapter Report 2009

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The FOSSGIS e.V. (registered association) has been approved as OSGeo local chapter D-A-CH at the end of 2008. Therefore in 2009 one of the main focuses was to establish the FOSSGIS e.V. as lc D-A-CH and to merge the structures to integrate the new function into the FOSSGIS e.V., existing since 2000. The following listing sketches the activities 2009:

  • Host and organizer of the established FOSSGIS conference:
    • FOSSGIS 2009 (2009/03/17-2009/03/19) in Hannover with approx. 500 participants, a bunch of exhibitors, practical workshops and speeches
    • Developing a concept to integrate the OpenStreetMap-community into the FOSSGIS-conference to make it the OSM-conference for the german language community and to connect the OSM-community with OSGeo activities.
    • Planning FOSSGIS 2010 conference in Osnabrück (2010/03/02-2010/03/05)
  • Participtaion and coordination of OSGeo presence at various conferences and exhibitions
    • LinuxTag (2009/06/23-2009/03/27)
    • AGIT
    • Intergeo (2009/09/22-2009/09/24) (coordination of community part of OSGeo Park)
  • Financial support of various code sprints and developer meetings:
  • Launching own Webserver to host the associations own
  • Improvments of profile and PR:
    • New FOSSGIS-logo to solicit the new name (FOSSGIS, formerly known as GRASS Anwender Vereinigung) and the new tasks of FOSSGIS e.V.
    • Development of a booth-concept and partly implementation (already tested on Intergeo 2009)
  • Projects of lc D-A-CH (abstract):
    • Further development of GISlive - FOSSGIS' own LiveDVD project used on conference for workshops and as give away
    • Redesgn of FreeGIS-portal - relaunch coming soon in 2010
    • Promoting OSM-community by being contract partner for donation of data and IT-services
  • Increase of members of FOSSGIS e.V. as lc D-A-CH about 50%. In a absolut numbers from 60 to 90 including private, institutional and corporate memberships
  • Outview 2010:
    • FOSSGIS-conference 2010
    • FOSS4G in Barcelona
    • Connect local working groups with OSGeo internationals
    • Increase donations
    • Work in preparation for own office (implementation after 2010 ;-)