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= Open questions =
= Open questions =
* the 'how it works' page doesn't mention how the word of this gets out to students https://developers.google.com/open-source/gci/how-it-works or does Google handle that?? promotion?? (Jeff)
[[Category:Google Code In]]
[[Category:Google Code In]]

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Central page for administering OSGeo participation in Google Code In 2017



  • Full timeline
  • Oct 9 2017: Open source organizations can apply to be mentoring organizations (we should have a list of mentors and tasks)
  • Nov 28 2017: Contest opens for entries by student participants
  • Jan 15 2018: Deadline for students to claim new tasks
  • Jan 17 2018: All student work must be submitted; contest ends
  • Jan 18 2018: Mentoring organizations complete all evaluations of students’ work
  • Jan 31 2018: Grand Prize Winners and Finalists announced
  • June (exact dates TBD): Grand Prize Winner’s Trip

Interested mentors / volunteers

Willing mentors must write to gsoc-adminATosgeo.org and will be sent a form to fill in.

Kickoff (virtual) meeting


Open questions