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Application Deadline

Application Questions

  • Why does your organization want to participate in Google Code-in 2017? (500 character limit) OSGeo would like to introduce the future young leaders to our vibrant community, where over 38 different projects live in regards to Open Source mapping (geospatial). We think this will be a fun experience for both the mentors and the students, with tasks that are both fun and beneficial. We have been a Summer of Code mentor organization since 2007, so we know the importance of introducing students to our projects. We say: sure let's do it!
  • How has your organization prepared for Google Code-in 2017? (500 character limit) OSGeo has assembled an admin team, made up of veteran Summer of Code participants, and have put out a call for mentors (we currently have 20+ mentors so far Mentors have been already recording tasks ( and we will keep adding tasks in the next month. We have met with mentors in the #osgeo-gsoc IRC channel (on freenode), and we plan on holding another meeting shortly. We have also collected information from other orgs that successfully participated in GCI
  • Has your organization participated in Google Code-in before? (yes or no) No
  • Has your organization participated in Google Summer of Code before? (yes or no) Yes
  • In which years did your organization participate in Google Summer of Code? 2007 to 2017
  • How many mentors have committed to participate? (select one option below)
    • 1-5
    • 6-10
    • 11-15
    • 16-20
    • 20+ selected
  • How do you plan to deal with any holidays or vacations mentors may have planned during the contest period? (500 character limit) We are asking for several mentors for each project, so that several mentors can assist throughout this coming holiday season. We are also making sure to have mentors located in different timezones for each project. We will organize shifts for the days that we foresee scarce presence due to holidays.
  • How do you plan to deal with unresponsive mentors? (500 character limit) We have already setup a private mailing list for discussions with mentors and admins, and we have also asked for all contact details for all mentors. We have also a discrete backup. However, we also try to make sure that our mentors are aware that they commit and take responsibility to carry out the program until the end.


  • Short description (200 character limit) OSGeo is a non-profit organization serving as an umbrella organization for the Open Source Geospatial community.
  • Long description (1500 character limit - using "limited markdown" syntax)
OSGeo is a non-profit organization serving as an umbrella organization for the Open Source Geospatial community in general and several code projects in particular:

## Content Management Systems


## Desktop Applications


## Geospatial Libraries

Orfeo ToolBox (OTB)

## Metadata Catalogs


## Web Mapping

MapGuide Open Source

## Incubating Projects

Team Engine

## Outreach Projects

GeoForAll - Education and Curriculum

## OSGeo Community Projects

Postal Address Geo-Coder
Virtual Terrain Project

We host regional and international FOSS4G conferences with typical attendance of 500-1000+ geospatial developers, industry and government leaders, and researchers. Our mailing lists collectively go out to ~ 29,500 unique subscribers.
  • Tags (enter 5 only - A few keywords to help students find your organization. Examples: Machine Learning, Video, Kernel, Games, Natural Language, Graphics. Do not include programming languages and technologies or your organization's name) geospatial, maps, cartography, gis, application
  • Programming languages and technologies (enter 5 only) c, java, python, c++, sql
  • Primary Open Source License MIT License (MIT)
  • Contact email (A general purpose contact email for your organization) gsoc-admin at
  • Extra task information (250 character limit - Short instructions or tips to be displayed with every task. May include limited Markdown. Example: See http://link for information on how to checkout, build, and run the code. Don't forget to join the IRC channel to ask mentors questions) Don't forget to join the #osgeo-gsoc IRC channel to ask mentors questions, on (connect directly in your browser through

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