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* [[OpenJUMP 2007 SOC Ideas]]
* [[OpenJUMP 2007 SOC Ideas]]
The "Student Landing Page" is [[2008 SoC Merged Ideas]].
The "Student Landing Page" is [[Google Summer of Code Ideas]].
= Documents =
= Documents =
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'''These pages also need updating!'''
'''These pages also need updating!'''
* OSGeo [[2007 Google SoC Application]]
* OSGeo [[2008 Google SoC Application]]
* [[SoC Application Rankings by Project]]
* [[SoC Application Rankings by Project]]

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Central page for administering OSGeo participation in Google Summer of Code 2008.



  • March 3rd: Project applications will be accepted
  • March 24th: Student applications

Project Ideas Lists

Please link project specific proposed projects here:

these need updating!

The "Student Landing Page" is Google Summer of Code Ideas.


These pages also need updating!

Project Milestones

2008 Google SoC Project Milestones

Project Pages

Each accepted Soc Project should be listed here, and the page should be updated with information about the progress of the project.