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Application Status

ongoing, with the text below


Old applications


  • Website URL:
  • Tagline: The Open Source Geospatial Foundation
  • Logo: compass+text, square, 256px
  • Primary Open Source License: GNU General Public License (GPL)
  • Organization Category: TODO
  • Technology Tags (5 max): python postgresql c php javascript (were: postgres c java c# javascript c++ ajax mysql php mssql python sql)
  • Topic Tags: gis cartography maps science geospatial (were: gis, live-disc, algorithm, graph, mapping, maps, geospatial, geo, 3d, osm, openstreetmap, cartography, science)
  • Ideas List: TODO
  • Short Description:
  • Long Description: TODO (update past app text)
  • Application Instructions: TODO make a wiki page and paste the text in the application
  • Proposal Tags: TODO list of software projects
  • IRC Channel, Mailing List, or Email done

Organization description (to be reused)

OSGeo is a non-profit organization serving as an umbrella organization for the Open Source Geospatial community in general and 33 code projects in particular:

Web Mapping: deegree, geomajas, GeoMoose, GeoServer, Mapbender, MapBuilder, MapFish, MapGuide Open Source, MapServer, OpenLayers, ZOO-Project, Team Engine

Desktop Applications: GRASS GIS, Quantum GIS, gvSIG, Opticks, KDE Marble

Geospatial Libraries: FDO, GDAL/OGR, GEOS, GeoTools, MetaCRS*, OSSIM, PostGIS, rasdaman

The following are sub-projects of MetaCRS: PROJ.4, GeoTIFF/libgeotiff, CS-Map, Proj4J, Proj4js, Metadata Catalogs: GeoNetwork, pycsw

Other (non-code) Projects: Public Geospatial Data, Education and Curriculum, Live Handout DVD

We host the annual FOSS4G conferences (this year two of them) with typical attendance of 500-1000+ geospatial developers, industry and government types, and researchers. Our mailing lists collectively go out to ~ 20,000 unique subscribers.

For GSoC we hope to act as an umbrella org for a number of other non-OSGeo FOSS geo projects, including pgRouting, PyWPS, istSOS, and uDig.


  • Why does your org want to participate in Google Summer of Code?
  • How many potential mentors have agreed to mentor this year? 16-20 (there is the option of 20+ but I don't dare choosing it as now)
  • How will you keep mentors engaged with their students?
  • How will you help your students stay on schedule to complete their projects?
  • How will you get your students involved in your community during GSoC?
  • How will you keep students involved with your community after GSoC?
  • Has your org been accepted as a mentoring org in Google Summer of Code before? yes
  • Which years did your org participate in GSoC?: from 2007 onwards
  • What is your success/fail rate per year?

Year: pass/total

2007: 13/19 
2008: 15/19 
2009: 17/20 
2010: 7/10 
2011: 19/21 
2012: 20/22 
2013: 21/22 
2014: 22/23 
2015: 13/13
  • Are you part of a foundation/umbrella organization? no - we are one
  • What year was your project started? 2006

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