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This page aims at building an inventory of the tools aiding the INSPIRE implementation. Several software tools have been developed within EU funded projects and are suitable for reuse, but are often not known to the broader community. If you are aware of free software implementing INSPIRE specifications, please contribute to this inventory.


Short description of the implementation. Link.

Metadata management

  • INSPIRE EUOSME: (European Open Source Metadata Editor) developed by EC-JRC in the EuroGEOSS project, and deployed in the INSPIRE Geoportal to allow user to test editing capabilities and testing ISO19139 XML files
  • INSPIRE Excel file: developed within GeoSmartCity project to collect INSPIRE XML19139 compliant metadata in easy and quick way
  • smartEditor: smartEditor is a web based editor to easily create and update metadata documents on geospatial data sets, services, series and applications and many more resources supporting ISO19115/19119 and the INSPIRE metadata specification (INSPIRE Metadata Implementing Rules: Technical Guidelines based on EN ISO 19115 and EN ISO 19119)
  • GRASS GIS ISO/INSPIRE Metadata support developed within Google Summer of Code 2014

Data storage/management

  • PosgGIS: ...
  • Rasdaman: flexible, scalable spatio-temporal raster server, supporting OGC WMS, WCS, WCPS, WPS; OGC WCS Core Reference Implementation.
  • SpatiaLite: ...

Data modeling

  • INSPIRE Data Model Tools: developed by Politecnico di Milano to facilitate the browsing of INSPIRE Data Specifications and provide procedure to structure PostGIS pseudo-INSPIRE SQL structure
  • ...

Data mapping/transformation

  • INSPIRE FOSS: ETL-tooling for INSPIRE Data harmonization and harmonized web services (largely unmaintained)
  • HALE: ...
  • deegree: ...
  • Java4INSPIRE: is a java library to handle INSPIRE data as java objects; it may be used to transform existing spatial datasets into INSPIRE compliant datasets

Network services


  • pycsw: OGC CSW server. Standalone or embeddable. Powers CSW in CKAN, GeoNode. OGC Reference Implementation
  • Stetl: Python-framework for ETL. With Examples for INSPIRE data harmonization.
  • Geonetwork


  • GeoServer
  • deegree
  • MapServer


Schema transformation

Validation services




... other ??

  • ...