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The project incubation committee is responsible for overseeing the incubation process for new projects entering the foundation. The incubation committee provides resources to assist new projects to reach full membership, and makes recommendations to the board when they feel projects have completed incubation.



Meetings are scheduled via Mailing List and take place via IRC at the times specified in the Foundation Calendar.

Progress in the incubator

We are watching the initial projects go through the incubation process as a method of defining what is required. The following pages track the progress (and experience) of these projects.

  1. gvSIG: gvSIG Incubation Status | gvSIG Provenance Review
  2. GEOS: GEOS Incubation Status | GEOS Provenance Review
  3. MetaCRS: MetaCRS Incubation Status | MetaCRS Provenance Review
  4. PostGIS: PostGIS Incubation Status | PostGIS Provenance Review
  5. GeoMajas: GeoMajas Incubation Status | GeoMajas Provenance Review
  6. GeoServer:
  7. MapFish: MapFish Incubation Status | MapFish Provenance Review

Each project may also have a page describing the Incubation process on their own community website. Please make sure to you link to the above pages and update the OSGeo Wiki page regularly so that IncCom can keep up to date.


The following status and provenance documents are for historical purposes, and are no longer actively maintained.