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Welcome to the Third Irish OSGeo Symposium 2019 (OSGeoIE 2019)


Our Symposium

The Irish Local Chapter of OSGeo are delighted to announce their 3rd National Symposium at the Metropole Hotel in Cork City, Ireland on Thursday, 11th April 2019. The event is open to anyone. The symposium will provide a relaxed and stimulating environment to learn about OSGeo, meet people with similar interest in OSGeo and FOSS4G, and learn new skills in the workshops.

Symposium Keynote Speaker

We are delighted to announce that our Keynote for OSGeoIE 2019 will be Mr. Martin Høgh (Twitter). Martin is an open source code, urban planner and founder of the MapCentia company in Denmark and developer of GC2 and Vidi. The GC2/Vidi framework helps you build a spatial data infrastructure quickly and easily. This framework is powered using open source components and facilitates the deployment of PostGIS, MapServer, QGIS Server, MapCache, Elasticsearch, GDAL/ogr2ogr while Vidi is described as 'a modern take on browser GIS'. It is the front-end client for GC2. Martin will also give a workshop on GC2 in the afternoon.

Tickets are now on Sale

Tickets for OSGeoIE 2019 are still available on Eventbrite at our event page.

  • Early Bird Registration Ticket: €60 (Deadline 29.03.2019)
  • Standard Registration Ticket: €80 (30.04.2019 onwards)
  • Student Registration Ticket: €40 You will need to produce your student ID on arrival.

Symposium Programme Outline

Programme Slot Time
Registration 09:00 - 10:00
Opening Address, Welcome and Introductions Chair: Peter Mooney (Maynooth University) Download PDF Version of Slides 10:00 - 10:10
Keynote Presentation (followed by open Q&A) Chair: Daniel McInerney (Coillte)

Mr. Martin Høgh. MapCentia (Denmark) and GC2 and Vidi developer
GC2/Vidi: An OSGeo Community Project Online Presentation

10:10 - 10:55
Long Format Presentation

Heikki Vesanto, OpenStreetMap Ireland.
Progress in OpenStreetMap Ireland and plans for the future

10:55 - 11:20
Tea/Coffee Break and Networking 11:20 - 11:40
Lightning Talks Presentation Sessions Chair: Peter Mooney (Maynooth University)

This is the provisional schedule for our very popular session of 7-minute lightning talks

11:40 - 13:00
Lunch Time and Networking . 13:00 - 14:00
Interactive Workshops 14:00 - 16:15
Closing Address and Finish
Chair: Peter Mooney (Maynooth University) Download PDF Version of Slides
16:15 - 16:30


All delegates will be provided with an OSGeo Live Bootable USB Key containing a fully operational OSGeo Live distribution. Delegates are required to bring their own laptops. This is a Bring Your Own Device event. The descriptions of the workshops are provided below. Delegates should check before the Symposium if their laptops can be booted up from a USB key. In some cases work laptops from organisations and companies have this feature disabled for security reasons. Delegates should check with their IT support teams if their laptops can allow booting from a USB key. There will be no laptops available at the workshop(s)

At registration, in the morning of the event, you can sign up for the workshop of your choice.

WORKSHOP #1 TITLE Working with GC2/Vidi (build a spatial data infrastructure quickly and easily)
Workshop Leader Martin Høgh, Mapcentia
Proposed software GC2/Vidi can easily be installed on Windows (pro), Mac and Linux using Docker.
Delegates can also use the Cloud Service which will require no software installation except an up-to-date working web browser. The workshop is available online here
Workshop objectives

The GC2/Vidi framework helps you build a spatial data infrastructure quickly and easily.
Powered using open source components for a scalable solution.
GC2/Vidi comprises two software projects:

  • GC2 – makes it easy to deploy PostGIS, MapServer, QGIS Server, MapCache, Elasticsearch, GDAL/ogr2ogr.
    It offers an easy-to-use browser application to configure the software stack.
  • Vidi – a modern take on browser GIS. It is the front-end client for GC2.
Proposed dataset(s) to be used (if applicable) Data provided at the workshop
Level (Newbie/Intermediate/Advanced) (Newbie) The GC2/Vidi framework will be introduced at a newbie/starter level.
Pre-requisites (if applicable) You can use the OSGeo Live Bootable USB key.
You can install GC2/Vidi on your laptop if you are permitted to install applications.
You can also use the web-based cloud service which requires no installation. For delegates using their own computers it is recommended to have QGIS 3 installed.

WORKSHOP #2 TITLE Geospatial Python
Workshop Leader Joao Paolo Pereira, Coillte
Proposed software OSGeoLive (Python, GDAL, Numpy, Matplotlib, Jupyter, QGIS) (then visualize results in QGIS)
Workshop objectives

The primary scope of this workshop is to introduce python as a tool for image processing employing OSGeo geospatial libraries.
The secondary result of the workshop is to help the audience getting familiar with versatile image processing tools such as Orfeo Tool Box.

By the end of this workshop, attendees will be able to:

  • Import/Export images with proper CRS using GDAL;
  • Manipulate single/multiband rasters;
  • Perform basic calculations between bands or band subsets;
  • Perform image analysis using OTB Python API;
  • Visualize results in QGIS.
Proposed dataset(s) to be used (if applicable) Data provided at the workshop
Level (Newbie/Intermediate/Advanced) (Newbie to Intermediate) Some basic working knowledge of Python is assumed.
Pre-requisites (if applicable) If you use the OSGeo Live Bootable USB key all software will be already installed.

Acknowledgement of our sponsors
Thank you very much to our sponsors. The contributions of these sponsors help us to organise the event and main ticket prices for delegates at the lowest rate possible in order to give the highest value for money.


Sponsorship Packages and Options