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Independent geospatial/Java professional. My personal website: [http://www.justobjects.nl www.justobjects.nl]
See info and profile at [[User:Just|Just van den Broecke]]
The geospatial projects I work on:
* [http://geonetwork-opensource.org GeoNetwork]
2009+: working with [[User:ticheler | Jeroen Ticheler]] and [http://www.camptocamp.com Camptocamp] on a catalogue project for  Swiss Topo/[http://www.geocat.ch www.geocat.ch].
* [http://7scenes.com 7scenes.com]
2007+: 7Scenes is a platform for creating/playing/viewing mobile games and tours. Formerly this project was known as [http://www.geotracing.com  GeoTracing]
* [http://www.geosailing.com www.geosailing.com]
2005+: Real-time tracking and tracing for sailing-races. Built with [http://www.geotracing.com GeoTracing].
* [http://geoskating.com geoskating.com]
2005+: Personal project that aims to map skatable roads in the Netherlands according to road quality. Built with [http://www.geotracing.com GeoTracing].
[http://code.google.com/p/open-gpstracker Android app for tagging with GeoSkating (work in progress)]
* [http://www.kadaster.nl Dutch Kadaster (Landregistry and Topo)]
2009/2010: Several projects related to Dutch cadastral data like parcel splitting and Dutch topo maps.
[http://inspire.jrc.ec.europa.eu INSPIRE] prototyping with [http://deegree.org  Deegree] and [http://geoserver.org  GeoServer2]. Visualization with [http://geoext.org  GeoExt].
* [http://code.google.com/p/inspire-foss INSPIRE with FOSS]
* [http://code.google.com/p/geoext-viewer GeoExt-based viewer and components mainly for complex INSPIRE data]
2010+: Spin-off of above projects.
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See info and profile at Just van den Broecke