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Independent geospatial/Java professional. My personal website: www.justobjects.nl

The geospatial projects I work on:

2009+: working with Jeroen Ticheler and Camptocamp on a catalogue project for Swiss Topo/www.geocat.ch.

2007+: 7Scenes is a platform for creating/playing/viewing mobile games and tours. Formerly this project was known as GeoTracing

2005+: Real-time tracking and tracing for sailing-races. Built with 7Scenes.

2005+: Personal project that aims to map skatable roads in the Netherlands according to road quality. Built with 7Scenes. Android app for tagging with GeoSkating

2009/2010: Several projects related to Dutch cadastral data like parcel splitting and Dutch topo maps. INSPIRE prototyping with Deegree and GeoServer2. Visualization with GeoExt.

2010+: Spin-off of above projects.

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