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Kosovo Chapter of OSGeo

This is the wiki page of FLOSSK / Kosovo Local Chapter for becoming an OSGeo Local Chapter.

Welcome to the Kosovo Chapter of Open Source Geospatial Foundation OSGeo, started on January, 20 2020.


FLOSSK is a membership-based organisation based in Prishtina working on free software, free culture, open knowledge and civic tech since 2009. Its main projects are membership-based tech & arts experimentation space Prishtina Hackerspace that has 30+ members throughout the year, with numerous activities that engage 400+ people yearly, and the annual conference Software Freedom Kosova which is the biggest and oldest annual conference in the region established to promote software freedom, free culture, and open knowledge.


The Kosovo Chapter, facilitates the advancement of open source for geospatial software, technologies and usage in the Kosovo by:

  • Advocate Open Access, Open Education and Open Data
  • Sharing source code, data, information, problems and solutions among users
  • Organizing meetings, training/workshops
  • Monitoring open source for geospatial software, technologies and usage

Members - Special Interest Group (SIG)

  • Besfort Guri
  • Arianit Dobroshi
  • Yll Ferizi
  • Armend Kastrati
  • Faton Morina
  • Jetmira Lataj
  • Marc Konjuhi
  • Kaltrina Osmani
  • Saranda Haziri
  • Bardh Azizi
  • Milaim Sylka
  • Valmir Mustafa
  • Leutrim Krasniqi
  • Ferat Krasniqi

Updates and Current Developments


  • We just started the wiki for becoming Local Chapter