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June 2011, Centre for Geospatial Science, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom


Title: OSGeo Live DVD - Lightening Overview

This presentation provides a lightening overview of 50 of the best Geospatial Open Source applications, which are included on the OSGeo-Live DVD.

OSGeo-Live is a self-contained bootable DVD, USB thumb drive or Virtual Machine based on Xubuntu, that allows people to try a wide variety of open source geospatial software without installing anything. It provides pre-configured applications for a range of geospatial use cases, including storage, publishing, viewing, analysis and manipulation of data. It also contains sample datasets, project overviews and quick-starts for all applications. Everything is set up, ready to go: just reboot into it, glance at the help pages on the desktop, and go. The existing hard drive and operating system is not modified in any way, everything happens in temporary system memory.

This presentation will provide attendees with a broad understanding of the full breadth of quality Open Source Geospatial software available. It will also be very useful for OSGeo evangillists looking for material to present at other conferences, or attendees wishing to report back to co-workers when returning to work. As an example, the OSGeo Live DVD has been extensively used for tutorials and workshops in the 2009 and 2010 editions of the FOSS4G conference. A version 4.5 of the DVD should be available for use in the major 2011 open source geospatial events, such as the OSGIS 2011 conference.

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Authors: Thierry Badard (presenter) and Cameron Shorter.

Thierry Badard is professor in geo-informatics at Laval University, Quebec, Canada and co-founder and CTO of Spatialytics (

Cameron Shorter is Geospatial Solutions Manager at Lisasoft (, Australia) and the OSGeo Live DVD project leader.