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Better to check mailman directly.

This is a selection of public OSGeo discussion lists. As of January 2007 all mailing lists managed by OSGeo have been transitioned to Mailman. The list of lists can be found at

The foundation and general interest lists

Main announce list

Main discuss list

Board of Directors list

Incubation Committee list

Marketing Committee list

Geodata list

Standards list

Education and Curriculum Committee list

Conferences and Events

Google Summer of Code discussion list

Project development lists


From variety of web forum oriented interfaces, OSGeo makes effort to provide some support for Nabble archives with help. See SAC:Mailing Lists for details.

Posting from Nabble

Dear users, this is a very important note: in order to post to any of the OSGeo mailing lists through Nabble, you need to subscribe to selected mailing list first using the same e-mail address as the one you have registered in your Nabble account.

In order to subscribe, you need to go to, find a mailing list of your interest and subscribe, then you will be able to post to it directly or using the Nabble interface. Do not try to subscribe through Nabble directly. It won't work.

In case of troubles with posting through Nabble, refer to Nabble help on Why is my post "pending"? How to fix it?.

Read-Only Archives

There are some read-only areas of the archive at the Nabble. For example, Qgis has some old archives that are read-only:

Since these areas are not meant to receive new messages, if user tries to post new message to such read-only archives a message like "This archive is read-only" will be displayed. This has been confirmed with Nabble's team as expected behaviour.