MapGuide RFC 4 - KML Support

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This section brefly describes the problem set, and the proposed solution in general terms. It should be deliberately short, a couple of sentences or so.


This is the most important part of the RFC. It describes the problem domain in detail. Focusing on this will allow reviewers to fully understand why the proposed change is being made, and potentially suggest different/better ways of accomplishing the desired results. The more time we spend on understanding the problem, the better our solution will be.


This section will confirm that the proposed feature has enough support to proceed. This would typically mean that the entity making the changes would put forward the RFC, but a non-developer could potentially do so if they are sure they have the funding to cover the change.

Proposed Changes

This is a more detailed description of the actual changes desired. The contents of this section are tailored to the type of RFC - web site changes are different from technical changes for instance. We need to develop guidelines on what the standard types of proposals are, and what sub-sections could be included here for each type.


This section could include details on files affected, schema changes, potential API changes etc.


This is wide open.

Test Plan

How the proposed change will be tested, if applicable