MapServer 2011 SOC Ideas

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MapServer 2011 SoC Ideas

Enter ideas for development projects here. Note these are just suggestions - students are welcome to propose projects based on their own interests that relate to MapServer.

Layer plug-in for AcidMaps


Native SpatialLite driver


OGR currently supports SpatiaLite and may prove as a valuable code reference.

Flash support

Adopt Flash support to the new renderer architecture.

INSPIRE View Service

Implement missing features to enhance the support of the INSPIRE View Service specification in MapServer. First discussions are documented at the MapServer wiki.

This is the latest specification document: Technical Guidance for the implementation of INSPIRE View Services, version 3.0

If interested subscribe to the mapserver-inspire mailing list.

Node.js Bindings


Make Node.js bindings for MapScript. By MapScript, I mean, make Node.js bindings for the WMS serving functions.

Other Ideas

See also the MapServer 2010 SOC Ideas or MapServer 2009 SOC Ideas.

Mentor Candidates

The following individuals are potentially willing to serve as MapServer mentors or co-mentors.

  • Stephan Meißl
  • Dan "Ducky" Little