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OSGeo Member
Name: Margherita Di Leo Photo.jpg
Job Title: scientific / technical project officer
Company: European Commission, DG Joint Research Centre (JRC)
City: Ispra
State: VA
Country: Italy
Local Chapter: GFOSS.it
Instant Messaging:
Website: http://forest.jrc.ec.europa.eu/team/person/35/detail/
Language(s): English; Italian; Spanish
Personal Description :
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Margherita Di Leo

Margherita Di Leo

Since 2012, she is a scientific / technical project officer at European Commission, DG Joint Research Centre (JRC), Institute for Environment and Sustainability (IES), Unit: Forest Resources and Climate.

Location: Ispra (VA), Italy

Margherita Di Leo graduated in Environmental and Territorial Engineering with a specialization natural risks management. She gained her PhD in Methods and Technologies for Environmental Monitoring at the Department of Environmental Engineering and Physics (DIFA) at the University of Basilicata.

  • Since November 2011, she has been an OSGeo Charter Member.
  • Former board member of GFOSS.it (Associazione Italiana per il Software Geografico Libero), the Italian OSGeo local chapter.
  • Member of GRASS GIS community.
  • Since November 2012, she has been member of GRASS PSC.
  • Co-Founder of the Open Geoscience Committee.
  • Since 2015, OSGeo GSoC admin.
Spoken languages

English; Italian; Spanish.