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=== New Business ===
=== New Business ===
* Define deliverables for [[Marketing proposal]]
* Define deliverables for [[Marketing proposal]]
* Continue definition of [[OSGeo Mission]] for marketing purposes
* Continue definition of [[OSGeo Mission]], Vision and Value Statements for marketing purposes
* Start adding the [[SWOT Analysis]] content for the future marketing plan
* ''please add more''
* ''please add more''

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Please note that meeting times change!

Marketing Committee meeting to be held on Wednesday Dec. 5th at 22:00 UTC on (#osgeo). IRC client (select #osgeo from the drop-down list, and type /nick YOURNAME, to set your nickname for use in the channel).

Meeting Agenda 2007.11.21

  • Role call
  • Assign scribe
  • Review previous minutes
  • Review previous action items

New Business

Old Business

  • Discuss and (hopefully) agree on the Marketing proposal
  • Boost spreading OSGeo's name (how to?)
  • Produce HQ paper version of project / committee info sheets
  • Create an OSGeo CD/DVD with all projects to give away together with HQ paper version of project / committee info sheets
  • Actively plan and commit to more conferences, trade fairs, events at large
  • more?