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Meeting Details

  • Date: Monday, September 24 2018
  • Time: 12:00pm UTC
  • Location: Online Conference (conference software TBD)
  • Minutes by: Adam Steer (provisional)

This meeting was requested by Guido Stein and discussed on the the marketing discussion list. The goal of this meeting is to welcome the new marketing committee members and continue the work of the committee.

Please visit the Marketing Meetings page for more information on past meetings.

Welcome and introduction of the new marketing Committee Members

Discussion lead by Guido Stein

  • Adam Steer
  • Malena Libman

Discuss status of osgeo.org

Discussion lead by TBD

Discuss status of search for new Chair

Discussion lead by TBD

Discuss status of marketing material for Conferences

Discussion lead by TBD

Review of 2018 Goals

Discussion lead by TBD

Expenses 2018

  • Sticker OSGeo FOSS4G
  • 500 Sticks
  • TableCloths
  • ...

Setting 2019 Goal

Discussion lead by Guido Stein

  • Measure what matters

Follow Up Tasks

Guido Stein