Marketing Meeting 2020-11-27

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Meeting Details




  • Scribing: Astrid
  • Attending: Enock, Astrid, Jody (part of the meeting), Laura

budget for 2021

  • postponed to January 2021 meeting

FOSDEM 6 & 7 February 2021

  • application for a geospatial devroom by Astird / Luca
  • no decision yet
  • if accepted we need to find +-20 speaker and moderate 1 day
  • would be great if we can find more volunteers to help with the event

Podcast Status

  • mapscaping: money was paid. Now 4 podcast can run
  • If there is interest in our community for more we can extend this program

Podcast Episodes

  • GeoServer: IN PROCUCTION Jody
  • Daniel contacted GRASS team
  • maybe OSGeoLive - TODO: Astrid, Enock contact team and ask


  • what is the plan: webinar / monthly / start in March 2021
  • ongoing regularly webinars every month with changing topics
  • would be great if the presenters could change, attract senior students to get involved
  • would be open to the world and recordings on YouTube
  • add as resource on
  • Release OSGeoLive 14 expected for January 2021
  • provide USBs with Version 14 - discuss in 2021
  • Maybe good starting date will be March 2021
  • TODO Astrid: RUFORUM respond to the thread via email: suggest a call, they can suggest a meeting time 14 UTC and later

Website Tickets

  • check Tickets Website improvements
  • There are many website tickets and it is not clear who will work on them
  • idea to make a sprint with Jody to check the tickets and define actions
  • TODO: Enock will contact Jody to ask whether a meeting could be possible (fallback could be Vicky)

OSGeo Events

We welcome Laura

  • Laura joined the marketing meeting. She would like to join the team.
  • TODO: Laura sends a mail to the marketing list. Astrid will then make a motion



Next meeting