Marketing Meeting 2022-11-25

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Meeting Details


Attending: Enock, Laura, Astrid Scribing: 


  • News letter
  • planet osgeo
  • podcasts
  • mastodon
  • USB drives
  • Redbubble shop work on an OSGeo design 
    • T-Shirts from previous FOSS4Gs
  • Change name from Marketing to Outreach
  • OSGeoLive videos
  • Topic MoU STATUS?
  • Events


News letter

  • suggestion from Adam Steer via Mailing list
  • maybe it is too much work to organize a news letter for the marketing team
  • we have already planet osgeo / community news 
    • maybe invite people/organizations to join
    • discuss the need to forward community news to discuss/announnce (if we do it would be a lot of traffic there)
  • invite community to join
  • TODO [ACTION ITEM] Astrid send mail to panet team Jorge Sans

imporve marketing pipeline

  • make plan about some dates in the year where we can send news
    • birthday
    • election
    • ??

Charter members welcome mail

  • TODO [Action Item] Astrid Emde / Victoria


  • TODO Enock - will organize the support for the African podcast, contact tresuaer
  • Mapscaping
  • [DONE] Astrid has send a mail to Daniel


USB Drive

Redbubble shop work on an OSGeo design

  • 6. January 16 UTC
  • work on theosgeo design

Change name from Marketing to Outreach

  • TODO Enock
  • write to SAC
  • promote via list
  • invite new members

OSGeoLive videos


Next meeting

  • 27 January 16 UTC (last friday in January) -> please Jody make a different suggestion
  • before we meet 6 January 16 UTC for T-Shirt design