Marketing Plan

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Deadlines and Timetable

Just an Idea... please tell us if these dates are viable

Marketing Plan Outline

Executive Summary

The Challenge

Situation Analysis

Organization Analysis

  • Mission Statement
  • Vision Statement
  • Value Statement
  • Culture
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Market share

Customer Analysis

  • How many?
  • Who are they?
  • What drives them to OSGeo?
  • What areas of OSGeo are more atractive to the largest number of people?

Competitor Analysis

  • What is a competitor for OSGeo?
  • Who are they?
  • Where are we in relation to them?
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Market share


  • Developers, voluntaries, employees, etc.


Macro-environmental PEST analysis

  • Political and legal environment
  • Economic environment
  • Social and cultural environment
  • Technological environment

Business Environment SWOT Analysis

A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis of the environment around OSGeo. To complete this it is important to organize the environmental factors as follows:

  • OSGeo's internal attributes (classified as strengths and weaknesses).
  • OSGeo's external environment (presents opportunities and threats).

Market Segmentation

Divide OSGeo's markets as follows:

  1. Segment 1
    • Description
    • Percent of the market
    • Characteristics of this segment (What their interests in OSGeo are)
    • How they use OSGeo
    • Support requirements (How can they be stimulated)
    • How to reach them
  2. Segment 2
    • Same as segment 1

Alternative Marketing Strategies

A place to discuss the alternatives that were considered before arriving at the recommended strategy. Alternatives might include discontinuing a product, re-branding, positioning as a premium or value product, etc.

Selected Marketing Strategy

Discuss why the strategy was selected, list the marketing mix decisions (4 P's) of product, price, place (distribution), and promotion.

  • Product
    • Brand name
    • Quality
    • Scope of product line
    • Warranty
    • Packaging
  • Price / Sponsoring (How can this be applied for OSGeo?)
    • List price
    • Discounts
    • Payment terms and financing options
    • Leasing options
  • Distribution (Place)
    • Who are the distributors?
    • How do we classify them?
    • Where are they located?
    • Logistics, including transportation, warehousing...
  • Promotion
    • Advertising, including how much and which media
    • Public relations
    • Promotional programs
    • Budget; determine break-even point for any additional spending
    • Projected results of the promotional programs

Short & Long-Term Projections

The selected strategy's immediate effects, expected long-term results, and any special actions required to achieve them. This section may include forecasts of revenues and expenses as well as the results of a break-even analysis.



Calculations of market size, commissions, profit margins, break-even analyses, etc