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We need a slogan/motto to go along with the new logo. There will need to be several different ways of using, so we will likely need a few different ones. We'll need something to follow after the shorter "OSGeo" nickname. And also something to follow the longer title: "Open Source Geospatial Foundation". See if you can avoid any words already in the title.

Please submit your possible mottos here:

  1. Your Open Source Compass (was part of Aaron's logo submission)
  2. "It's a spheroid, get over it."
  3. Open ways
  4. Open destinations (too airliner-ish, i think)
  5. Open directions
  6. Enabling Geo-Power
  7. Pure Mapping Power
  8. Great Mapping Tools
  9. Projecting Worlds
  10. Find it with the tools from the foundation
  11. Open the source and find your way
  12. OSGeo -- Where it's at
  13. OSGeo shows you to the open source
  14. OSGeo -- Because how you got there is as important as where you're going
  15. OSGeo -- All geography is local