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The Charter Member nomination (part of the Election 2016) will be open from 2016-07-04 to 2016-07-18. The list of nominees for the 2016 Charter Member Election is maintained by the Chief Returning Officer (cro at This page is write protected and can only be edited by SysOps.

To submit a charter member nomination:

  • Please confirm with the nominated person first!
  • Please email with their name, country, contact email and paragraph describing why you are recommending this person as a Charter Member
  • Also, you might want to reference their OSGeo Advocate profile.

Note for admins: simple script to scrape this page to generate meaningful lines for the electronic voting system

The list of nominees will be maintained by the CRO here:

_#_ _______Name_______ _____Country_____ Notes Thread
1 Sara Safavi USA From: David Bitner

I would like to nominate Sara Safavi for OSGeo Charter Membership. Sara has been a huge developer and advocate of open source in the Austin, TX area and beyond. Sara has been an organizer for PyLadiesATX, Austin Open Source GIS, and MaptimeATX as well as participating on the FOSS4G North America organizing committee in 2016.

2 Werner Macho Austria From: Helmut Kudrnovsky

I want to nominate Werner Macho ( as OSGeo charter member for the election 2016. Reason: Werner is a long-standing active member of the QGIS community and development team (e.g. coordinating translations, helping hands in the mailing lists and much more). He will be a value addition to the OSGeo charter.

3 Victoria Rautenbach South Africa From: Serena Coetzee

I would like to nominate Victoria Rautenbach for OSGeo Charter Membership. She is a member of the ICA-OSGeo lab at the University of Pretoria since its inception in 2012, first as student member and since last year also as a lecturer. Victoria makes use of open source GIS products in all the Geoinformatics modules that she teaches and is the first source of support, advice and encouragement to students using open source products. She has and continues to play a significant role in students at our university using open source products. Apart from that, she has organized a number of OpenStreetMap mapathons and arranged student team participation in open data quests in South Africa.

4 Rama Murthy Soma India From: Ravi Kumar

It is my pleasure to nominate Mr S.Rama Murthy as an OSGeo Charter member. Mr S.Rama Murthy, has more than two decades of experience in GIS and Image processing. He was instrumental in organising the first ever workshop in Free and Open Sourse GIS, in the Geological Survey of India in 2005. He is an experienced teacher in Open Source GIS, as a faculty in 'The Training Institute, Geological Survey of India, Hyderabad'. He has postulated, 'Mineral Prognastication using Open Source GIS'. He uses extensively QuantumGIS and ILWIS.

5 Daniel Urdă Romania From: Florin Iosub

It is my pleasure to nominate Daniel URDĂ [1] for OSGeo Charter membership. Active in the Romanian and international community, Daniel has been promoting OSGeo at various events and helping with the several FOSS4G related projects [2]. Is an enthusiastic advocate for FOSS4G solutions. Last but not least he delivered successful presentations in the past years at the FOS4G conferences [3].

6 Andy Anderson USA From: Charlie Schweik

I'd like to nominate Dr. Andy Anderson of Amherst College, Amherst USA for OSGeo Charter Member. I've worked with Andy for 15 years, and he has become an open source geospatial technology evangelist here in Western Massachusetts over the last decade. Moreover, he is a knowledge-base technically, and supports many students in our "5 college" area in open source geospatial technologies. Together, we offered a WebGIS course to "five college" (University of Massachusetts, Amherst College, Smith College, Mt Holyoke College and Hampshire College) network students last spring. He's an active member of the FOSS4G 2017 Boston LOC, and is active on our GeoForAll node in Western Massachusetts, USA [1]. In short, Andy is the ultimate professional. He puts his heart and soul into projects he takes on, and is technically brilliant. He's a passionate contributor who does high-quality and thorough work. He is already -- and will be -- a real contributor to OSGeo as a Charter Member.

7 Shailesh Chaure India From: Harish Kumar Solanki

I want to nominate Mr Shailesh Chaure as an OSGeo Charter member. Reason:

Mr. Shailesh Kumar Chaure, presently working as Assistant Professor of Geology at Government Holkar Science College, Indore, India [1] is a self-learner and engaged in software development for Geo-sciences since last 25 years. He has sound knowledge of computer programming. Most of his work is community/student centric. He has developed a useful open-source web GS based tool for interactive information about Geoinformatics and Geology education in India which is available on his website.

He has developed a useful tool for calculation of SOI toposheet numbers for line, point and polygon using shape/kml and WKT files. A QGIS plugin for the same is under testing.

He is helping us in our training as resource person.

The software tools developed by him are free downloadable through his website [2].

He will be an asset to OSGeo community.

8 Gaël Kruwialis Belgium From: Maëlle Vercauteren Drubbel

I would like to nominate Gaël Kruwialis for the OSGeo Charter members election. Gaël Kruwialis is a dynamic supporter of OpenSource Geospatial technologies and OpenData. Active in the implementation of INSPIRE and PSI to advance interoperability between administrations. Gaël was among the first in Belgian Public administrations not only to support and use FOSS4G, but to actively promote and fund OSGeo's events in Belgium. Gaël is one of the founding members of the local chapter and he is part of the organisation team for BeOpenGIs, the first & second FOSS4G conferences in Belgium.

9 Santiago Higuera Spain From: Jorge Sanz

Santiago is one of the key members of the Spanish Language OSGeo community[2] since 2010, currently serving on its Board of Directors. Santiago is a truly advocate of Open Source for Geospatial and always proactive to share his knowledge in different contexts, including his work as a lecturer at the Civil Engineering school at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. He was one of the founders of the Geoinquietos local group in Madrid[3] and also in Santander[4] cities in Spain, helping to organize different events and activities around OpenStreetMap and OSGeo projects. With this nomination I hope he will renovate and reinforce his commitment to the Open Source Geospatial community.


10 Junyoung Choi South Korea From: Sanghee Shin

It’s my great pleasure to nominate Dr. Junyoung Choi[1] as new OSGeo Charter Member. He has been actively involved in open source GIS activities including translation and organising conferences since 2000. As a FOSS4G Seoul LOC member last year, he contributed much of his time and resources to the success of FOSS4G Seoul. Especially he had played a key role in organising the first UN special session at FOSS4G Seoul.[2] With a result of his great efforts to promote open source GIS in his organisation and Korea, LH Corp[3] and OSGeo signed a MoU[4] last year for developing collaboration opportunities for academia, industry and government organisations in Open Source GIS software and data in Korea. And as a follow-up of this MoU, LH Corp and OSGeo Korean Chapter will co-organise the FOSS4G Korea 2016.[5] As a researcher, he has carried out many works relating smart city, big data and UN Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) using open geospatial technologies [6]. I absolutely believe Dr. Choi will bring in new perspective and passion to OSGeo.

11 Jonas Eberle Germany From: Jachym Cepicky

I would like to nominate Jonas Eberle for charter membership of OSGeo. Jonas is actively contributing to PyWPS project, not only by his own man-power, but also by motivating other people. He is active in the field of open source software for geospatial, promoting it not only at his work, but also at conferences and workshops. He is member of the PyWPS project steering committee and I believe, he will have valuable input to some of the topics we, as, are facing.

12 Tommy Oozeer Belgium From: Dirk Frigne

I want to nominate Tommy Oozeer (in cc) as a charter member for OSGeo. Tommy is advocating open Geo software already a long time and promotes it as a user and as a developer. I know Tommy already a long time as a professional in Geo related projects. He is one of the founding members of and is volunteering very actively as the secretary of our local chapter. Last year Tommy helped with the organisation of the first FOSS4G conference in Belgium. He is always open to help in community related matters.

13 Monia Molinari Italy From: Massimiliano Cannata

I would like to nominate Dr. Monia Molinari as an OSGeo Charter Member. She is informed about this nomination. I had the pleasure of working with Monia for several years at SUPSI and I could appreciate her great passion for FOSS4G. During her career she extensively worked with GRASS in the field of risk assessment and natural hazard modelling developing several new modules like r.massmov a parallelized algorithm for landslides simulation. She also integrated GRASS modules in the ZOO-WPS in international project like Helidem ( She is currently working at Politecnico di Milano in Maria Brovelli's team where she is continuing developing excellent solutions with FOSS4G. She has a long record of contributions to regional and international FOSS4G conferences and in 2015 was in the Organizing Team of the FOSS4G Europe in Como. I think becoming a Charter Member is a deserved recognition of her contribution to the Open Source for Geospatial community.

14 Luís de Sousa Switzerland From: Jachym Cepicky

I would like to nominate Luís de Sousa for charter membership of OSGeo. Luís is actively contributing to PyWPS project and active in the field of open source software for geospatial, promoting it not only at his work, but also at conferences and workshops. He is member of the PyWPS project steering committee and I believe, he will have valuable input to some of the topics we, as, are facing.

15 Pedro Pereira Portugal From: Duarte Carreira

I'd like to nominate Pedro Pereira for Charter Member. Pedro is one of the most active and motivated OSGeoPT (Portugal) members for years. He has helped organizing several national conferences, and hosted one himself. He is an active board member of OSGeoPT, always prompt to participate in decisions and debates. He also co-founded the Municipialities Working Group to promote and help adoption of foss4g in local governements in Portugal. Electing Pedro as charter member will give Pedro a stronger voice, and OSGeo an active, invested, and attentive member.

16 Vasanthi Hargyono Indonesia From: Kate Chapman

I would like to nomination Vasanthi Hargyono( for OSGeo Charter Membership. Vasanthi has been a wonderful advocate for OSGeo in Indonesia for quite some time. She's involved in the InaSAFE project and teaching/advocating for OpenStreetMap through her work at the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team. I believe she would be a great asset to OSGeo and the further growth in Indonesia and elsewhere in SE Asia.

17 Bogdan Grama Romania From: Vasile Craciunescu

It is my great pleasure to nominate Bogdan Grama as an OSGeo Charter Member. Bogdan is one of the pillars of OSGeo Romania and he is heavily involved in our FOSS4G and open geodata activities. I'm convinced that OSGeo would benefit from his technical qualities, his calm and passion and dedication for free and open source software for geospatial.

18 Brent Wood New Zealand From: Bruce Bannerman

I would like to nominate Brent Wood as OSGeo Charter Member. I have known Brent for over eight years, starting from our time as members of the FOSS4G-2009 Local Organising Committee. Brent was a key member of the LOC. Brent is a tireless advocate of open source spatial software solutions. Brent has been actively involved with FOSS GIS as a user since the early days of GRASS & PC MOSS in the early 1980's on IBM PC XT clones, back when a 10Mb hard drive was considered large, spacious and fast! He is not a software developer, but through his role at NIWA, NZ, he has funded work on QGIS, Geonetwork, Geoserver, GDAL & Postgis, and also contributed to the non-OSGEO but open source Generic Mapping Tools (GMT) mapping & analysis tools. He has run GIS, Postgres/Postgis, QGIS and GMT presentations and workshops both through his work, and through other Open Source initiatives in New Zealand for over 20 years, and has been a member of the New Zealand Open Source Society council for some years. A web portal he developed in 2008 (totally open source) was described as "an exemplar for government open data discovery and delivery". The Geonetwork metadata catalogue he implemented for New Zealand's contribution to the Census of Antarctic Marine Life was described as the best such facility of all (global) participants in the International Polar Year/CAML initiative. He is also active in the open data and open standards arenas in New Zealand. He has just been nominated for an award under the NZ Open Source Awards for his contribution to open source in New Zealand in the geospatial arena. As a user, rather than developer, Brent is a regular on several OSGeo and other mailing lists, offering answers and help, as well as sometimes asking for the same. He is a regular attendee and presenter at FOSS4G since 2009, and organises the NZ QGIS User Group. I commend Brent to you as a worthy OSGeo Charter Member.

19 Mirko Cardoso Switzerland From: Marco Minghini

I would like to nominate Mirko Cardoso as an OSGeo Charter Member. Mirko Cardoso is an active member of Open Source for Geospatial and participated in the development of several projects using FOSS4G technologies, in the field of virtual tours [1], intermodal freight transport decision support system [2] and QGIS plugin for water management [3]. He's an active developer of the istSOS [4] project and is mentoring a Google Summer of Code student for the same project. The FOSS4G technologies include Openlayers, PostGIS, pgrouting and QGIS. I strongly believe he deserves to become an OSGeo Charter Member.

20 Rafael Roset Spain From: Pedro-Juan Ferrer Matoses

I would like to nominate Rafael "raf" Roset as an OSGeo Charter Member Candidate. I have confirmation from his part to be nominated. Raf is one of the most active members of the Geospatial community in Catalunya and Spain and specially in the "geoinquiets"[1] (name of the Barcelona local group). He is also the main source of information for the "Ráfagas" [2] which provides lots of interesting news about the geospatial world. Hey isn't it cool enough to have an OSGeo list named after you!!!


21 Jerome St-Louis Canada From: Dave McIlhagga

I would like to nominate Jerome St-Louis to become a charter member of OSGeo. Jerome has been very active with the Ottawa Osgeo Chapter for a number of years taking an active role as chair of the group, including taking a strong leadership role in Ottawa’s recent bid to host the FOSS4G event in Ottawa in 2017. Jerome also runs eCere, a company dedicated to the development of open source geospatial technologies, where he also plays the primary role in technology development. Jerome has represented the Ottawa OSGeo local chapter at numerous Canadian events, and has also participated in International FOSS4G events. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Jerome personally, and can vouch for his very strong personal commitment to the Open Source Geospatial movement.

22 Erik Meerburg Netherlands From: Gert-Jan van der Weijden

I'd like to nominate Erik Meerburg as an OSGeo charter member. Knowing Erik for more than 10 years, he is still able to surprise me with his enthusiasm and ideas about cartography, crowdsourced & open data and open source software for geospatial. Over the last few years Erik has been heavily involved in co-organizing FOSS4G-related events, and thus in spreading knowledge on how to use open source software and data. With his original and authentic ideas and approach I regard Erik as a great addition to the collection of OSGeo Charter Members.

23 Daniel Berry USA From: Jeffrey Johnson

The GeoNode project has recently joined OSGeo and brings with it all kind of amazing people. Daniel Berry is a positive addition to our community as a core committer on the GeoNode (and GeoShape) projects as a developer, and as an advocate with presentations at the foss4g-na conference.


24 Martin Dobias Czech Republic From: Vincent Picavet

I would like to nominate Martin Dobias for OSGeo Charter Member. Martin is one of the most active developers for the well-known QGIS desktop GIS application. He participates in QGIS codesprints and has been a strong supporter of OpenSource in GIS for long.

25 Hugo Mercier France From: Vincent Picavet

I would like to nominate Hugo Mercier for OSGeo Charter Member. Hugo is one of the main developers for the well-known QGIS desktop GIS application. Hugo is also the main developer for the Tempus multi-modal routing framework. Hugo participates in QGIS codesprints, FOSS4G conferences and has been for long a strong supporter of OpenSource.

26 Denis Rouzaud Switzerland From: Vincent Picavet

I would like to nominate Denis Rouzaud for OSGeo Charter Member. Denis is an active member of the QGIS community. At SIGE, he started the development of QWAT, a solution for water network management. He is a strong supporter of OpenSource GIS, active participant in the Swiss QGIS user group and participates in getting OpenSource GIS projects funded.

27 Vincent Mora France From: Vincent Picavet

I would like to nominate Vincent Mora for OSGeo Charter Member. Vincent is a core developer of QGIS, the well-known OpenSource GIS desktop. He has contributed to feature development as well as quality enforcement. Vincent is also a commiter of GDAL/OGR and contributed to various other OpenSource GIS software ( Oracle_fdw, iTowns, Tempus, etc).


28 Jorge Luis Batista Cuba From: Pedro-Juan Ferrer Matoses

It's my pleasure to nominate Jorge Luis Batista a.k.a. "pb" as a Charter Member Candidate. pb is one of the core members of the Open Geospacial Community in America. Always promoting the use of Software Libre and also the liberation of data and the creation of communities. He has served as member of the board of directors of the OSGeo Spanish Local Chapter and he has organized from scratch the Openstreetmap community in Cuba. Even ha has been a speaker in a TED talk [1]

29 Tudor Bărăscu Romania From: Vasile Craciunescu

It is my pleasure to nominate Tudor Bărăscu, from Romania, as an OSGeo Charter Member. Tudor is an enthusiastic FOSS4G developer and user. For the last years has been active in teaching and promoting FOSS4G with his unique, funny and spontaneous, style. He is well known in the water network management QGIS/QWAT community. Tudor regularly attends national and international FOSS4G events. I believe Tudor would be a great addition to the OSGeo charter members group as he would work tirelessly to put FOSS4G in the right place.

30 Matthias Kuhn Switzerland From: Vincent Picavet

I would like to nominate Matthias Kuhn for OSGeo Charter Member. Matthias is one of the most active developers for the well-known QGIS desktop GIS application. He participates in QGIS codesprints and has been a strong supporter of OpenSource in GIS for long.

31 Luigi Pirelli Spain From: Vincent Picavet

I would like to nominate Luig Pirelli as OSGeo Charter Member. Luigi is an active contributor to QGIS project: plugin developper, doing workshop, co-authoring books and co-founder of He shares our OSGeo spirit!


32 Larry Shaffer USA From: Jody Garnett

Larry does so much as a developer and spokesperson for both open source and the QGIS community. Larry is a core committer on the QGIS project, having worked on a number of different areas of the project, from the GUI down to writing most of the current labelling engine. Recently Larry presented a "State of QGIS" talk at foss4g-na. Larry is also active at the OSGeo level working with members of the system administration committee to set up signed mac applications for both the QGIS and GeoServer projects.

33 David Mateos Spain From: Jorge Sanz

I want with this mail to nominate David Mateos[1] for the OSGeo Charter Membership. David has been an active member of the OSGeo Spanish community[2] and the Madrid Geoinquietos local group[3] for several years. Apart from advocating for Open Source Geospatial on his daily activities as GIS expert and trainer, he's also active collaborator of the OSGeo Live project translating documentation for the Spanish spoken community. With this nomination I hope David will keep pushing his efforts to collaborate with OSGeo and for many years