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The Charter Member nomination (part of the Election 2020) will be open from 2020-10-05 to 2020-10-18 (2 weeks). This list of nominees is maintained by the Chief Returning Officer ( This page is write protected and can only be edited by SysOps.

# Nominee Name Country Positive attributes Nominated by
1 Ujaval Gandhi India Mr. Ujaval Gandhi has been an active Open Source contributor and has inspired a lot of budding geospatial researchers with his famous QGIS Tutorials ( and SpatialThoughts courses ( It is my honor that I am getting an opportunity to nominate him as I have been following his blogs for a long time. He provides training services for QGIS, Python and related geospatial technologies. His company, Spatial Thoughts, is the only certified training provider in India. Mr. Gandhi holds a Masters degree in Geospatial Information Engineering from University of Wisconsin-Madison and has 15+ years of industry experience leading large GIS teams. Also, he was one of the early employees at Google India and Part of the team that launched Google Maps in India. He advocated and transitioned the mapping operations team to open-source tools and developed and published Google Maps Engine Connector for QGIS plugin for Google Inc. Moreover, he is lead trainer for Google Earth Engine in India for Google Earth Outreach program at Google Inc. and has trained 1000+ scientists and researchers at top Indian universities on Applied Remote Sensing techniques using cloud computing. He is also a visiting faculty/researcher at the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment, University of Johannesburg. I sincerely respect Ujaval for his true spirit of open source geospatial awareness. Rajat Shinde
4 Paulo Coronado Colombia Paulo has made important contributions to the use, appropriation, dissemination and teaching of FLOSS initiatives in the field of geosciences. For more than 10 years he has worked on the creation of educational material for the integration of free software and open source tools to Territorial Management Processes, especially the cadastre, appraisals and Territorial Analytical Intelligence. With the help of the GeoForAll initiative, he has implemented a laboratory specialized in the appropriation of FOSS4G tools at the Francisco José de Caldas District University (Bogotá, Colombia). He periodically organizes seminars, workshops, courses, and conferences that introduce the use of geographic information systems, spatial databases, map servers, and specialized libraries using OSGeo tools. Currently, in the framework of a doctoral research, he is proposing the development of a territorial analytical management system that acts as an abstraction layer for OSGeo tools to support multipurpose cadastre processes. With the support of GeoForAll Iberoamérica he publishes the Spanish version of the GeoForall Bulletin. Sergio Acosta y Lara
5 Neftalí Sillero Portugal Neftalí is a long time supporter of Open Geospatial principles. He is Principal Researcher at CICGE-Research Centre on Geo-Spatial Sciences (Porto, Portugal) and Group Leader of the Spatial Biology Lab ( He has published more than 100 papers on spatial ecology and biogegraphy always using open source software on GIS, Remote Sensing, and spatial statistics. He coordinates the Atlas of Europe of amphibians and reptiles and its webGIS: I'm sure that having Neftalí as a Charter Member will be very beneficial for OSGeo. Sergio Acosta y Lara

7 Raul Nanclares da Veiga México Mr. Nanclares is a member of the Mexico QGIS Users Group, he has been part of the organization team of the QGIS users Annual Meeting, an Open Source advocate. His willingness to spread out the knowledge has been shown as a speaker on the annual meeting and also during this Covid-19 times as an organizer and presenter of a QGIS webinar. I admire his knowledge, his communication skills, his willingness to share the knowledge, not only on QGIS but on other geospatial open source projects. During the three years that I have observed him, he has grown and made the open source community in Mexico larger. Born in Spain, but with a Mexican heart, I thank Raúl for his efforts in my homeland, his adoptive land. Vicky Vergara

8 Cameron Green South Africa Cameron has been an advocate for geospatial open source and open data in South Africa. Over the last four years, Cameron has not only served as a mentor and administrator for the OSGeo Google Code-in initiative but also served as a tutor for the UN Open GIS QGIS course and the upcoming PostGIS course. He has also been assisting with GeoForAll administration and has been invaluable in this role. Lastly at his university, Cameron is always assisting students with learning open source software and works not only with geoinformatics students but also students from other degrees. Cameron is a leader amongst his peers in South Africa and I am excited to see what the future in the open source community holds for him. Victoria Rautenbach