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[[User:Maxi71| Massimiliano Cannata]]
[[User:Maxi71| Massimiliano Cannata]]
[[User:Vrautenbach| Victoria Rautenbach]]
[[User:Vrautenbach| Victoria Rautenbach]] - victoria.rautenbach@gmail.com
[[User:IvanaIvanova| Ivana Ivanova]]
[[User:IvanaIvanova| Ivana Ivanova]]
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[[User:Har Amrit Singh Sandhu| Har Amrit Singh Sandhu]] - haramritsingh.pec@gmail.com
[[User:Har Amrit Singh Sandhu| Har Amrit Singh Sandhu]] - haramritsingh.pec@gmail.com
[[User:Jgrocha| Jorge Gustavo Rocha]], University of Minho, Portugal
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OSGeo participation at XXIVth ISPRS Congress


The XXIVth ISPRS Congress will be 14-20. June, 2020 in Nice, France. OSGeo has MoU with ISPRS which includes collaboration and participation in conferences.

OSGeo was invited to organize:

- a Forum on Geo-Open-Science, Geo-Open-Source and Geo-Open-Data. Our motivation is to encourage increasingly productive exchanges between academia, institutions, industry, and users on important Open Geo subjects. This OSGeo enterprise will necessarily cover *all* aspects of the OSGeo theme, promoting Open-Source and Open-Data policy issues, as well as promoting open science and open technology.

- an OSGeo Pavilion, where companies supporting open-source will be given increased visibility to help strengthen their impact during the congress.

OSGeo volunteers for XXIVth ISPRS Congress

Maria Brovelli - maria.brovelli@polimi.it

Helena Mitasova

Suchith Anand

Dimitris Kotzinos

Moritz Lennert - mlennert@club.worldonline.be

Patrick Hogan

Darshana Rawal

Lene Fisher

Serena Coetzee

Charlie Schweik

Massimiliano Cannata

Victoria Rautenbach - victoria.rautenbach@gmail.com

Ivana Ivanova

Har Amrit Singh Sandhu - haramritsingh.pec@gmail.com

Jorge Gustavo Rocha, University of Minho, Portugal