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Face to face meeting 05-10-2015


Dirk Gaël Johan Oliver Maëlle Marc Moritz Tommy


* Call for papers & program
* Call for sponsors
* Organisation and call for volunteers
* Translations
* Hackathon
  • OSGeo
* OSGeo-BE Legal structure
* Miscellaneous


Call for papers & program

We now have 41 requests. We will have to make a selection and establish a pre-program. Gaël and Johan will take the lead for this task. We'll have a short video from Jeff. Dirk will make the presentation about OSGeo, Bart De Lathouwer will present OGC but we still need someone for OSM. French and Dutch will be spoken during the main track. Side tracks can happen in English without any translation. AGIV will not be at our event. Actors in Wallonia will not send papers but some of them may participate to the event. We'll try to make some noise about the event in the press : Datanews, La libre, TéléBruxelles, ... The FOSS4G Belgium has also been added to the OSGeo calendar of events.

Action: Gaël and Johan : prepare a pre-program
Action: Johan will post on the mailing list to see if someone could present OSM
Action: Jan Poté from Geosparc will prepare a press release

Call for sponsors

Neogeo is now the 5th platinum sponsor. As a result, no more exhibition spaces are available (Platinum and Gold sponsors). We need to have some material for the OSGeo-BE booth. We also have to prepare the booklet.

Action: Johan, Gaël : update the website in order to mention that no more exhibition spaces are available
Action: Rita : ask the sponsors for their A5 booklet page
Action: Moritz, Maëlle : ask Quentin for a graphic design for our booklet
Action: Johan : check if we can have material for our booth (banner, ...)

Organisation & call for volunteers

We can now count on the support of 6 volunteers. 10 persons seems to be a minimum for a good organisation. We'll probably also have the help of 2 or 3 students (student job) from ULB. We need to chose the t-shirt design and colors. This will be done with the help of Quentin and the printer itself. About the lunch, it is now possible to have lunch tickets. This option will be added to EventBrite (not linked to a registration). For the parking, a minimum reservation of 25 places seems to be needed. The price is still uncertain.

Action: Moritz, Maëlle : ask Quentin for a graphic design for the t-shirt
Action: Oliver : ask some help from the printer for the t-shirt
Action: Gaël : Update EventBrite with the lunch option
Action: Gaël : Get more information about the parking possibilities


There is no need for English translations.


No more information provided about the Hackathon.


OSGeo-BE Legal structure

The ASBL/VZW statutes have been signed.


FOSDEM : Just like last year, a geospatial devroom will be organised at FOSDEM. The call for devrooms is now open. This devroom could be organised on behalf of OSGeo-BE.
BeGeo : The BeGeo event will be held on March 3. This is interesting for OSGeo-BE. An information meeting will be held next week (15/10/2015). Gaël will probably be there.

The next skype meeting is scheduled for October 12, 17:00.
The next face to face meeting is scheduled for October 19, 17:00 at Brussels (Bruxelles environnement).