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Sponsorship levels for 2015, while the dollar figures are in keeping with prior years the following tables is adjusted based on organization size to allow for greater participation.

This section will be updated based on mailing list discussion, and contact with potential sponsors.

Talking points:

  • We have not collected sponsorship recently ... so anything will be an improvement
  • Having a logo on OSGeo website is good value (and having an OSGeo logo to use).
  • Goal: see if we can adjust sponsorship levels based on organization size to allow smaller groups to sponsor? We were unable to meet this goal.
  • Goal: provide a range of price points? Price points revised, with the lowest price point of $500 in reach of small business.
  • Goal: Have a budget forcast prior to spending and take some of the presure of yearly foss4g.


Sponsorship level at time of writing.

Sponsorship $USD
Sustaining Sponsor $50,000
Principal Sponsor $20,000
Supporting Sponsor $10,000
Associate Sponsor $3,000


Sponsorship is in keeping with prior years, specific perks to be adjusted over the course of 2015-2016.

Sponsorship Amount Discount Perks
Platinum $20,000 $15,000 logo in double column row, name listed in "about osgeo" section of press releases.
Gold $10,000 $7,500 logo in tripple column row
Silver $3,000 $2,250 logo in quintuple column row
Bronze $500 $375 shared row

Below this level we would like to work on recognizing individuals who contribute via paypal donation or similar.

Donation Amount Perk
Friend $100+ Logo listed on donations page, sticker for website
Donor $50+ Name listed on donations page, sticker for website

Talking points:

  • If you sponsor a local / global OSGeo events please contact our finance officer to have the amount noted against your sponsorship total.
  • 25% Discount available to prior sponsors
  • 25% Discount available to organizations residing in Low or Lower-Middle Income Economies (as defined by the World Bank and WHO)


  • A Bronze OSGeo sponsor ($500 USD) from France chooses to sponsor Paris Code Sprint silver ($1600 USD) and foss4g 2016 supporter ($1600 USD) and is listed as a Silver Sponsor (final total $3700 USD).
  • A foss4g 2016 Bonn Sponsor (Silver $1600 USD) asks to be listed as an OSGeo Bronze sponsor.
  • A consulting business in India sponsors a local event ($100 USD) and decides to obtain an OSGeo bronze sponsorship ($275 USD) using 25% discount (final total $375 USD).

Ideas and Discussion


  • Replace sustaining / primary / supporting with Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze
  • Encourage small business participation: adjust sponsorship for organization size? See proposal A and proposal B
  • Encourage local/global event participation: Account for sponsors support of OSGeo events (i.e. where any profit is returned to OSGeo finances)
  • Reduced rate (as per foss4g korea) based on UN economy ranking
  • Can we provide a discount for small business? Definition of small business was too random so we will leave this idea for next year.


  • Q: What kind of perks? A: Not listed yet ... focus is simply on supporting osgeo community
  • Q: Individual sponsorship? A: seperate "I heart OSGeo" badge/sticker provided to paypal donations
  • Q: Are we missing the small 1-3 person teams? Perhaps - tried adding a category for <3 people or SOHO and a note about recognizing other osgeo donations.
  • Q: Consider a discount for past sponsors? Possibly, or reward with logo position/size or indication of date
  • Do not want to ask organizations to specify revenue or number of employees (this is sensitive information and not necessary to force this on an org. It may apply to other foundations, but not OSGeo: reason is 3rd point below)
  • Goal here is to include as many Open Source geospatial organizations as possible so that they can proudly promote their support of the OSGeo foundation. It is a change of thinking yes, from "give us your huge amounts of money" to "let us help promote your business in any way, so that OSGeo projects grow".
  • Most OSGeo service providers fall into the "small business, project team, consultants" category (Jeff estimates 90% of businesses in the OSGeo community), so the $500 price point would be great to finally give these businesses this opportunity.
  • Consider 50% discount to any past sponsor to "renew" through these new levels, with fullprice after first year. The existing sponsor thinkWhere would be bumped upto the next level, "Supporting".
  • Replace sustaining / primary / supporting with Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze for non native english speakers (don't worry native english speakers were confused as well)